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Library: The Merchant's workday


Author: miserable
Date:Apr 1 2006

The Merchant was walking tiredly towards his home after a hard day at work.
The Merchant's mood was pretty dark, but he was happy that this work day was
behind him now, and at home waited a hearty meal and a soft bed.

'This was one of those days that one wants to put behind him as fast as
possible and concentrate instead to a more brighter future', the Merchant
thought. This day had started normally and at the morning nothing indicated of
how miserably the day would turn out. For today's first order of business the
Merchant had decided a refreshing hike in the outer world in order to gather
timber materials for a new chest. And of course in those trips, eye is always
kept open for valuable gem and metal deposits. Silicon lode would also be a
nice surprise and make a day. So the Merchant went to his hiking trip.

The trip was very rewarding, except of couple of deaths caused by aggressive
wildlife, but just as the Merchant was alloying and amalgamating the collected
materials, one Barbarian warrior contacted him and required his services. The
Barbarian's mauls required urgent repairs, but the Merchant was very exhausted
after a large amalgamating job, so he had to sent the Barbarian to one of his
colleague. Darn, the Merchant though, there went some serious gold coins to
another one's pocket. That was something very upsetting to the Merchant.
Luckily, at least, the Merchant didn't lose too much material in his
amalgamating jobs.

After the collected materials were processed and stored, and the Merchant was
thinking what to do next, a newly initiated Healer contacted him and requested
a plastic surgery to improve her appearance. After the normal haggling of the
cost, the Merchant started to operate on her. That one was very ugly before
the operation, but she started to look better and better as the operation
proceeded. However, at the late stages of the operation the Merchant managed
to fumble couple of times which caused some ugly scars on the Healer's face
upsetting her greatly. After some soothing and apologizing words the Healer
settled down again and the operation got finished without further problems.
The payment for services was made in full and the Merchant was happy, as
always when he makes some money.

From this point onward, however, the day started to become worse. Next, the
Merchant received an order of repair for a holy breastplate of Knight. In the
repairing all went fine up until a major fumble of an repair effort. And so
that the fumble and damaging of the breastplate was not enough, the
breastplate took some permanent damage lowering its maximum repairable
condition. The Knight exploded in rage when the Merchant informed him of what
had happened and almost cut Merchant's arms off. However, hastily given
apologies and promise of free repair managed to calm the Knight a bit, but he
still stormed away angrily after the service. 'There went my reputation as a
master merchant in the eyes of the Knights', thought the Merchant in

Next came a huge order of protect armour and feather weight spells. 'Now I get
to make some serious money with ease', the Merchant contently thought and
rubbed his hands together. This, however, could not be any further from what
actually happened. First of all, the Merchant managed to fail several
relocation spells before being able to reach the client. This meant that
casting of the protection and feather weight spells was very slow process
because of the lost spell points. The casting process took the best part of
the day and the client got very boring during it. And after the castings the
client even dared to start haggling about the price. The compromise of the
price was eventually reached, but the Merchant was not very happy of the
agreed compensation.

After that last job, and because it took so long, the time was so late, that
the Merchant decided that the best course of action was to call it for the
day. 'One more day like this, and I will reincarnate myself to something more
secure occupation', grumbled the Merchant during his evening meal, but the
good food lifted his spirits considerably. The Merchant was already in sleep
before his head hit the pillow, when he got to his bed, and all the unpleasant
memories of this horrible day were wiped away from his mind, at least for the
time being.

The End.