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Library: Say Please


Author: ivan
Date:Jun 15 2006

Once upon time in spring. Fox, rabbit and bear were having their annual
meeting. The meeting was held near clear crystal lake. The weather was warm
and they were pleased, the long cold winter was finally over.

"I wish I could grow wings and fly south, I can't stand these winters
anymore. My balls are still stiff from wading in snow." said bear and
refueled campfire.

"My winter wasn't so good either. I nearly got trampled by mammoth. Because
my mother forced me to wear white winter coat." rabbit said with sad look in
his face.

"I don't have anything against winter" Fox said.
"Except, I'm sick for frozen vegetables. Would be nice to eat something warm
for a change."

After couple of hours complaining they decided that this would be last
miserably winter.

"Something needs to be done, but what we can do?" bear asked.

"I know!" rabbit yelled.
"I have heard that in enchanted forest. There lives a powerful witch, who can
help us."

And so these three fellows packed their gear for long journey. They had to
travel 300 long miles, all way from Taiga to Enchanted forest. Luckily the
summer was warm, and there was plenty of berries, honey and fish to eat.

It was late summer when fellows finally arrived in enchanted forest. It took
just a half day to search cabin where witch lived. With no worries group
entered hut.

"What we have here... Quite unusual group you are. What brings you here?"
old witch asked.

"Oh, mighty witch, you have to do something!" all three fellows shouted.
"We have come here across the whole world to meet you." rabbit started.
"Winters have become so miserably that we want you to do something about
it." fox demanded.
"Or else something bad would happen to you." bear bullied.

Witch got angry for the arrogance, how the request was presented. No manners
at all. But witch thought that now it would be nice time to teach good
lesson for these newbies.

Acting fearful witch asked: "Oh please, save my life. What I can do for you?
I'm just an old lady, don't do me no harm."

And sure for victory and good price rabbit, bear and fox dictated their
demands for easier life.

"So, you don't want to see snow or frozen lakes anymore?" witch asked from
Bear nodded firmly while dreaming for a pair of wings in his back, so he
could fly south.

"And you don't want ever again, eat frozen vegetables?" witch asked from fox.
Fox agreed with image of machine, that would provide infinite amount of
freshly baked blueberry pies.

And finally witch turned towards rabbit "And you, my little fellow. Don't
want to be trampled by mammoths anymore, cause they can't see you in snow."

Rabbit jumped enthusiastically and thought: "Soon I'll be as big as bear,
and my mom can't force me to wear white coat."

"Very well then, I shall fulfill your request." witch said, and started
casting spell.

At dusk the spell was ready and our young fellows didn't feel a thing. It
would take one night for spell take effect. Fox, bear and rabbit fell a
sleep quickly after making camp. Everyone dreaming about their bright new

No words couldn't tell the surprise when fellows woke up. They were changed
but not even close to what they were hoping for.

For that day on rabbits have had long ears, so they could hear mammoths
closing in. And foxes didn't have to eat any frozen food, they became
allergic to all vegetables and started eat fresh warm meat with legs and
funny ears. Last but not least, bears have slept winters so their balls
wouldn't be frozen anymore.

And what do we learn here, nothing at all.
Except if you are not highbie, learn to say please when you want something.