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Library: Last adventure of Roundbelly


Author: elwyk
Date:Jul 15 2006

It was a dark night when Gloria Roundbelly opened her door and set her foot on
the paved little road on her yard. The wind was warm on her face and the sky
was one of the most beautiful seen in years. Milkyway was spreading through
the sky with a glamorous light which seemed to give more light than the moon.
Even the star group of assassins was bright. She gave a last glimpse towards
her house and garden and turned her back.

In daylight this place was beautiful. Despite all her adventures this hobbit
was quite a gardener. Everyone in Highhill was envious about her garden. It
was commonly talked and rumoured in the village that her efforts towards the
garden could not have yielded so beautiful orchard. And as you might know
hobbits, there were lot's of rumours. People were even talking about some
foreign magic that had to be used. She knew it, but she didn't care! She
slipped on the paved road but she didn't care! She had once again set her mind
on one task! When she put's her mind on something, it's either done or it's
done with a force.  She was full of anger and she didn't care for nothing

She was quite small sized, even for a hobbit but the muscles hiding under
clothes and dangerously sharp wits was a combination which had brought down
mighty foes to their doom with a surprised look on their faces. This was a
hobbit not to mess with but unfortunately most of her foes learned that fact
while dropping to the ground without even knowing that their time had come
because it JUST WAS NOT POSSIBLE! She enjoyed of that look, she loved to bring
down those arrogant whatever beings who overlooked her. She was not to be
overlooked! She was not to be threatened! She was not to be angered!

While she took first steps out of Highhill crossing a small river she glanced
back. She saw her home village from a perspective she had seen it many times
when leaving to face mysterious paths destiny had laid before her. Everytime
she felt sad to leave this beautiful place. Now she hardly cared. She cursed
couple of times while turning on her heels and set on a journey.

After travelling few miles Gloria arrived on the edge of a dark forest. This
dark forest came as a surprise to her. She was so angry that she hadn't even
planned her route and was just walking straight ahead with cursing almost
every step. That was not the quiet hobbit walk you've heard of. Animals heard
her coming minutes before she arrived and they were wise enough to stay away
from her path.

She cursed out loud and went in to the forest. Normally she wouldn't have gone
through this forest, after all it shortcuts her way only few miles and it was
a very dangerous place. It was called Forever Dark forest, because the dence
trees block the sun in a violent way. The humidity under those trees was
unbearable in the summer time and it was not gone, not even at nights. She
wiped sweat from her forehead and started running. Only two miles and she
would be on the other side, and that had to be done fast not to wake up the
anger that lurked under these magnificent trees. She heard branches breaking
on both sides and she was happy to hear them from the sides. No, happy is a
wrong word, she didn't care about that, but she made a notion. She hardly
cared. If one was to break ahead of her, that would be someone else's problem
than hers. She was full of anger!

Eventually the inevitable happened. Her keen senses alerted her through her
anger. She almost didn't hear it because of the cursing going on in her head.
Cursing just got louder while she made her dodging maneuver. Somehow she knew
that the only way to dodge is to plunge straight to the ground. She yelled all
the curse words she knew in her head for she knew that any voice other than
what belonged in this forest alerted the savage inhabitants and made them more
curious. She landed on the forest floor sucking roots and decayed leaves while
she slided many meters on the moist ground. At the moment of sliding she
didn't even worry about the two big wolves simultaneously flying over her from
side and from behind. She was worried about her clothes which were not meant
for this kind of adventuring. Her finest garnments! Dressed up for the special
dinner which was supposed to happen this night. With grazed anger she stood up
just to see how dirty can a wolves mouth be. She smelled the bad breath while
she got a hold from the throat and used the wolves body motion to guide it
aside just in the last moment. Wolves jaws snapped together beside her head
with a violent SNAP and at the same time her trained reflexes were trying to
grab her beloved dagger. "What!!", she yelled. How could she have been so
stupid to leave without it! After so many times it had saved her! Loosing an
opportunity to stab the poor wolf while it was still in the air she screemed
with all her might, "you worthless pieces of shitbreaths!" while turning the
wolf, which was much bigger than her, to an arc to block the other wolf
attacking from the side. That was an elegant move indeed. If she would have
had her dagger, her anger could have blocked the thought of concentrating the
fight and the other wolf would have got the better of her. She hit the other
wolf with all her might using her new precious weapon. Wolves clashed together
with a mighty growl as Gloria released her grip from the beast and charged
after with a slight disbalance because of her dress being jammed in the roots.
She gathered herself and managed to get on the wolf while it was back to the
ground gripping it's jaws making a sudden twist opening the mouth to display
comical face. The Wolf looked so funny that it made Gloria let out a hideous
laugh as she turned to face her next opponent. Wolf had just got itself
together from the hit from another wolf's behind and was shaking it's head to
see two Glorias charging towards. The moment when those two Glorias united was
too late to dodge even one of them. Gloria just stuck her hand into the beasts
mouth with a sudden strike and took a hold from the tail twisting the wolf's
spine into two separate peaces with a muffled crack. Wolf's eyes dimmed as it
died with Glorias hand in it's mouth. "Yuck!" she said while she released her
hand from the grip of the monsters mouth. That was a completely new way to
make a kill she thought as she set off to the edge of the forrest.

Brizzletowns Lights reflected beautifully from the Neanda's lake, which was so
calm that Gloria could see her mirror image from it. "Gnn! Aaaargh!" she
yelled. "My clothes! Shit! I'm gonna do some real damage when I get there."
She settled her mind on the task at hand.

Brizzletowns Inn was full of people. Everyone had gathered around one hobbit
to hear his tales about he's previous adventures. He continued his tale
"..that was the tightest spot i've ever been, i was alone with three trolls
rolling in from both sides and from behind! I was quick to notice that they
were all about the same distance from me." He laughed and looked at the
doubting faces around the big table knowing that he had everyone sucked into
this story. "My amulet of size made them see me as their size so they thought
that they can just ram me down together, little did they know, stupid trolls!
Haha!" He took a big gulp from he's beer and continued. "Three heads clashed
together as I jumped away from their falling unconscious bod.." BLAM! The
upper hinge gave in and the door was tilted from the lower hinge. Eyes met.
UP SO BADLY". People looked towards the door with fear in their eyes to see a
hobbit woman with very ragged clothes going towards the story telling hobbit
(which had the most fearful look in his face) and with lighting fast movement
she grapped him from the ear. Yes, you heard it right, from the ear and
started carrying the poor fellow out from the Inn.

The End