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Library: Artemis is hard


Author: matriam
Date:Aug 17 2006

It was in the year 1998 and I woke up having spent yet another day sleeping on
the floor by my chests. I probably should invest in a bed but right now I
needed to conserve all my money to spend on guards. Still remembering and
shivering from the threats of possible raiding uttered by the highbie Moght
and his friend Schnucki for the fact that my guards were aggro and placed in
the entrance of my castle.
I quickly said my hello to the friends that were currently around in the realm
of batmud and started to read up on current affairs in the realm when I got a
tell from my newbie friend Gotrek.

"You wanna come and kill artemis? Yesterday some highbie friends led me there
and we killed him and he was easy as hell. His sceptre gives good money and it
shouldn`t take more then 30-45minutes to kill him." I responded to my eager
friend that I could probably come but that we perhaps needed someone to soak
up the damage. No problem responded my eager young friend. Orcrulez is a newly
reinced crimson and Smeagol is a mage so there should be no problems. I
quickly checked what Smeagol and Orcrulez were doing at that time and they
were currently in a party that also consisted of Smeagols girlfriend Avienda
and the communications began.

Avienda raised objections that we probably needed another tank since we were 4
in the backrow but only one in the front row. Gotrek thinking he was wise and
knowledgeble in the ways of batmud quickly responded that nowadays you only
needed the fighters and mages in combat and healers stay outside. Orcrulez
piped up and said he wasn`t very confident in his abilities to tackle such a
big monster as a solo tank since he had faced artemis before and knew to fear
his pounds. No problem responded the eager young Gotrek he had a powerful
druidic spell called flex shield and that should help tremendously. As an
afterthought he also added that Smeagol had the spell force absorption from
the guild conjurer so that would also add some small protection.
After much bickering forth and backwards with lots of pushing from the eager
young Gotrek the five brave adventurers set forward. There was Matriam the
thrikhren, Smeagol the thrikhren, Orcrulez the cromagnon, Avienda the penguin
and our leader Gotrek the duck.

Gotrek said that he would go to the area and we could relocate to him then and
so we awaited his call. After we were all there gotrek invited us to a party
called team sweden. Smeagol immediatley piped up and said that this is what
Continuitys parties are called and we should not used this name to identify us
by. No problem said Gotrek we are all from sweden so there should be no
problem. Smeagol muttered something under his breath and held his silence.

We went deeper into the area and arrived at last to the tower and started to
deal with his minions that were protecting their lords private chambers from
brave adventurers trying to steal his sceptre and silk. 

We did very short work of his lesser minions and with two mages blasting and
orcrulez holding his stance firm and defiant we were victorious without much
problem. However we now faced a bigger challenge in the form of a mighty
magician. Smeagol mentioned that this one tracks and we could not use our
previous tactics of going in and then getting back out for treating of wounds.
But our brave and courageous leader assured us that this challenge wouldn`t be
any problems either. He had also learnt a spell create mud from the druid
guild and with this he could trap a monster and then leave the room and the
monster would still be stuck in the mud. Therefore he suggested a tactic he
had learnt the previous day.

A plain and simple plan it was... me and Avienda would wait two rooms back and
he, Smeagol and Orcrulez would go to the magician engage him in combat then
retreat a few rooms and then trap him in mud and we could all sneak past his
previous guard station without having to kill him. This sounded to good to be
true.. could it really be this simple none of us found any flaws in the plan
and so we protted and healed up and I watched my brave friends set off to
accomplish their goal. Within minutes gotrek said the coast was clear and me
and Avienda snuck past the guard station and waited outside the main room.

Ok said gotrek here is the plan. Smeagol will lead the battle from here on.
Matriam and Smeagol will blast their spells and then get outside for a quick
healup and then go back inside to blast. This shouldn`t take any long and we
will be able to loot him and then divide the spoils amongst us.

So we set forth and went inside and looked our foe in the eye... and a mighty
redshoot eye it was to. Probably from being rudley awakened after spending the
previous night drinking. Well me and Smeagol silently communicated and tried
to start the weaving of our spells simultaenously. It went perfectly we both
managed to conceal our spellcasting from being spotted by the enemy and we
quietly counted of the the rounds left. Then all of a sudden smeagol sent
forth a might cold ray and I could see artemis shivering from the cold and a
few seconds later my own electrocution caused artemis to sway a little.
Orcrulez reported franticly that his hit points where getting dangerously low
and we quickly left the battle.

Outside we were eagerly asked by our healing friends how it went. Did he
resist our damage? Smeagol produly confessed that against his attacks artemis
had no resistance. I sadly had to shake my head and say that at the moment I
had no clue if artemis resisted electrical damage or not. No problem said my
friends, next run will probably tell. And I sincerly hoped so because after a
slight misshap when training my magical spells i had spent nearly 10% of my
experience points training a useless spell and therefore didn`t have enough
exp for much else.

Orcrulez reported again that now he was at maximum health and we set forth
again. Smeagol directed me and Orcrulez from behind and I was happily
strolling in after orcrulez preparing myself for casting yet another
electrocution at the foe. Little did I expect the horror the befell before my
eyes. My friend and protector Orcrulez went down in flash from the powerful
hits of the enemy. And all of a sudden I could see Artemis swing his fists at
me and then all of a sudden everything went black. When i opened my eyes again
I was in hell. Beside me was Orcrulez and we both looked at each other in
wonderment. What had befallen us? Quickly Orcrulez scanned his memory and
reported on party channel that he had taken massive amount of damage in the
first round of battle. So much indeed that he even went down into the negative
range before he could properly enter the room.

Gotrek quickly said that no problem theese things could happen and this was
only a minor setback. We were quickly resurrected by avienda and healed back
to full health and all the prots were put back up again and we were ready for
another go. Smeagol lead the way again and this time I could see with my own
eyes that orcrulez courageously managed to avert some of the more powerful
hits with his shield and so I felt confident enough to start weaving my magic.
Sadly enough I couldn`t really focus well and couldn`t speak the words fast
enough so when I still had 2 more rounds to go before completion smeagol
struck with his cold ray and orcrulez reported francticly that his hps were
getting dangerously low again so we had to leave the combat. Outside again
avienda applied powerful healing magics to orcrulez wounds and we was soon
ready for our next engagement. Once inside I quickly began reciting the words
for electrocution and this time all went well I spoke really quick and without
hesitation and my heart beat really fast and within seconds the spell flew
from my hands and struck artemis right in the chest. But instead of seeing him
lying on the floor writhing in pain from being electrecuted I could actually
swear he was smiling at me and one of my skills gave me confirmation... he had
shrugged of my electrical attack, sadly I reported this on the party channel.
Then the hairs on my arms began to rise, I could see heatwaves and things
began to dance around me and then all of a sudden the temperature in the room
dropped several degress and above me the mighest and biggest cold ray I had
ever seen zoomed past me and went straight at artemis i could actually see
bits of his skin instantaneously freeze and his hair and beard got rimfrost on
it. On the party channel I saw smeagol report that unseen bursts of energy had
helped to fuel his spell and we quickly left the room. Everyone started to
congratulate Smeagol on his achivements and I could see him glower in pride
and tell us that this was the first time this had ever
 happened to him.

Our brave healer quickly healed orcrulez back to health and in we went again.
I was now prepering to cast the spell vacuum blast when I saw orcrulez fall to
a tremendous blow and I quickly ran to safety outside when i heard artemis
screaming about how he thanked smeagol and now only needed another 5k to lvl.
So once again artemis had managed to kill two of us without much effort and my
heart felt heavy. We started to talk about abandoning him because Orcrulez was
taking such a huge beating. Then I heard orcrulez communicating from the
planes of hell that artemis was now in a good shape and my dark mood was
immediatley lifted and so was everyone else in the party.

What happened later to our brave adventurers... find out in later installments

Brought to you by Matriam