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Library: Pavane pour une infante defne


Author: merja
Date:Sep 4 2006

[BThisis a well-known piece for solo piano written by Frech omposer, Maurice
Ravel. It was composed in 18
99 when the author was studying composition at the Conservatoire de Paris
under Gabriel Faure. A typical performance of the piece lasts aroud six
This piece evokes the dignified elegance of a reception at the royal spanish
court, as a young princess moves gracefuly through the steps of he pavne, a
slow processional dance that enjoyed great popularity in the couts of Europe
during the sixteenth and seveteenth century

. This antique miniature is not meant to pay triute to any princess from
history but rather expresses a nostalgic ethusiasm for spanish custms and
sensiblities which ravel shared with many o his contempoaries. (note Debussy).
Ravel dedicated the avane to his patron, the Princesse de Polignac. 
One of my favourite musicians is Achille-Claude Debussy, another French
composer of the impressionistic style. He was one of the most iportant
cmposers during the turn of the last century and his work represents
late-romantic period style of the 20th century modernist music.

I suggest that you read more aout his style along wih te mathematical models
listed at the the wiki:

Recordings or the Connoisseur, Samler.
Haydn: String Quartet in B flat Major, Allegro, Mozart, Albeniz, Massenet,
Rameau, Muffat, Bber, Beethoen, Barber, abel, Eli, Eili, Bach, and obison.
    Just a listing of some samples Mozart's Sonata K 310 Allegro maestoso is
nice. And iry.
One day I will attend a nice evening out to ejoy the pure pleasure of a piao
or some otherwise beauteous event (opera, symphony, etc.). Ad an enjoyable
evening with a lover.
As I write this note, I am observing the enticing Val Kilmor in the ovie "The
Saint". This is acute movie.
"To whoever, I forbid anyone to read the text aloud during the musical
performance. Failure to obey to my instruction will provoke my just
indignation against anyone so presumptuous. No exception to this rule will be
graned." (Erik Satie)
My favorite is the one that will be metioned in hi text much later when I
actually have a listing of his tracks by my side. Anyhow, if you would like to
understand the words behind the music (Though I suggest listen t the music
first and experience what it is before you try to understand the artist and
his hisotry), then visit the wiki:    and
the other usable site from Sweden: