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Library: Rosa Flores Vive La Amore


Author: merja
Date:Sep 5 2006

It was a hot, dusty high noon
choking clouds in a dry sky
I could not squeeze a fart
My feet would not stand still
And my lungscoughed up dry
The burn kicked in,
My calves started to roast and tingle,
As I strangled my pack
For biting my neck.
This desire grows with time
You are my Utopia, my dream.
It is almost harsh
That you are so close
And our barrier remains.
I will obey the laws
I will deny myself again
Until I die, you will I myself deny.
And I will always fight
My desire will cool with the morning.
You will be gone before long.
May we never meet again
So that I never again feel
This love in my heart for myself
Deny and envelope the world
With this energy which I feel.
I try not to think about you
And how much I want you.
There is no cooling relief
There is no satisfaction, no release
You are the intagible dream that I need.
I wish that I could say
That I am a bigger person
With better morals and ethics
But when I see or tink of you
No lies can move from my lips
My body does not deny
The feelings of desire which I hide.

In the silence
It is the will to move...
I desire to be with you.
In the desert of my heart
Lay a broken stone
And my chaos rushed out.
I the desert of your eyes
I drink the blood of a rabbit
He ran away scared
And so I tried all the more.
Until your eyes went away.
A cool breezetouches bare skin
And I desire to feel your touch.
Knowing already that I never will.
Here on a hot desert night
I am thinkig of my cncentrated desire
And the deadness of my life.