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Library: King Aidia, man or god?


Author: hampuusi
Date:Sep 12 2006

This is a fragment from one of the greatest battles in Bat realms history
which was between King of the human race, Aidia and revolting
barbarian forces. Although a huge part of this historic event has passed
from generation to generation by mouth, something has been saved.
This battle was the last one in the Great War of all time, and we got
pieces of old diaries from both sides to spread this information for all.
Writer of this following text is King Aidia himself.                -Author

The morning was foggy and it took a long time before the fortress of Laxhof
came out from mists. It raised intimedately infront of our army; Protected by
the river and steep hills full of trees it looked just unbreakable.
On the hill where I, Aidia, the king of southern territories, had placed my
first division of crimson brigades, I could see the second division grouping
their troops in three lines near the fortress, and my son Ganza leading them 
on his white stallion. On left flank the division of  knights with a group of 
kings bowmen were moving on in the cover of  thick forest. Soon they would 
cross the river and the third division of brigades would follow them.
Soldiers were checking their weapons. Daggers, spears, swords, scimitars,
war-maces, axes and longbows burned their fingers. Horses sensed the 
forthcoming battle and became nervous.

When the sun around the mid day begun to warm us, a message to knights
was send and I ordered them to meet me at the rally point. Suddenly I
heard a sound of thunder, but when I raised my sight upwards, the sky
was still clear. Sound of roaring came into my ears from the plain and
I couldn't believe my eyes when I understood what was causing it.
Barbarian war-chariots had roll over river and were now penetrating
in the flank of knight division, leaving lightly armoured bowmen
without a change to survive. Another massive wave of war-chariots
attacked the second crimson brigades flank and I saw my son shouting
commands to his men when he was trying to regroup their form. 
Thousands of barbarians followed the chariots and they looked like 
swarming grasshoppers which cover the field. I was stunned by the
numbers of our enemies, but when I saw Groo, the barbarian highlord
it all came clear to me. He stood in his chariots, and he was surrounded
by his allies, Joribund of beastmasters. Somehow Groo had
persuade this group into battle against me.

Tamed wolves and dragons killed hundreds of men from the second
division in a blink of an eye, those who survived were now running
away from the battle. The situation on the plain was close to disaster,
division of knights was devastated and unable to fight.
Allied barbarian troops slaughtered those who had survive the first
attack, their mauls broke bones and their axes sunked into flesh,
spears penetrating loins leaving only bloody pulp for wolves.
The third division was still almost unharmed, but they were forced
to pull back towards my elite groups and they couldn't hold up much
longer. The barbarian victory would be perfect, after my death the
era of our dynasty would be over and my people would have to bow
their heads to new king and accept their new role as slaves.

My first captain of king's bodyguards suddenly screamed; They have
crushed third division and are heading this way! My lord, lets flee, we
are outnumbered by the enemy! I stood silent. Had gods finally forgotten
me? No. "World doesn't need the conquered" I said and placed my 
war helmet on my head. Then I climbed to my war-chariots, which were
made out of the finest wood and gold. Chariot was open at the back, it's
sides were decorated with pictures of lions and tigers and it was armed
with spears and spare swords. With these pathetic weapons I was going
to fight against whole army. There was no sight of knight division on the
field. Those who had escaped the slaughter from the second  division 
were now surrounded by beastmasters by the river. What came to third division,
it had shown a disgusting amount of cowardliness and was fallen. There was
no officers or bowmen left to fight. And the worst of all, my son was dead.
I watched into sky.

"Hear me Aveallis, my father! Can you forget your son like this? Have I
ever not obey you? I have sacrificed to you, I have build temples to honour
your might! Hear me my father Aveallis, because I am on my own. I have
worked for you with love in my heart, in the middle of crisis you have to
work for one who has worked for you!"
The first line of my elite guards were now falling
"Father! Why have you forgotten me!!!"

And what happened next is told to you by barbarian high lord Groo.

"He will die like a warrior", Joribund said. 
"A man worth of him should have been a beastmaster."
"This victory belongs to you, my lord Groo", he added.
I smiled widely as I watched my raging barbarian horde closing Aidia.
Suddenly the sun begun to shine twice as bright than moment ago and it
blinded mine and Joribund's forces. It was like there was thunder on a clear
Everyone felt like in delusion, a thundering voice surrounded everything.
"I am your father Aveallis, my hand is in your hand and my hand is
A beam of light surrounded Aidia and his figure seemed to radiate like
gold in the light of a sun. "That is no human, but Faerwon himself!" I said.
He was throwing crushing blows to right and left, splitting a fool in half
who got in his way. It looked like Aidia was throwing flames that
were burning everyone around him. "He must be killed!!" I screamed.
"Aidia is a god!" I heard Joribund answer and noticed that his beasts
has fled the field long time ago, and now my ally was running also.
I knew I had lost the battle.  "Blow the horn of withdrawn." I heard
myself say to my generals with a voice I didn't recognize.
Aidia had won this war.

Unfortunately King Aidia was killed shortly after this battle by assassin,
so it remains a secret, did he really transferred himself in the form 
of Faerwon or was it just a legend? Lord Groo reclaims he doesn't 
remember this battle, but still many Crimson brigades leaders today
believe that Groo is faking this loss of memory caused by too many hard 
blows in to head. What we do know is, that a legend of this battle will
stay in our legacy, forever.                                       -Author