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Library: There Be Dragons


Author: merja
Date:Sep 18 2006

There were some fragments of parchment in the old woman's hand and although
she did not read anymore, her vision log since departed from this world, she
Her lips moved in the still night, and her hand trembled. She recited softly
as the moon stood the watch over her wispy form, for Time had not been as
generous to her as it would be to you or me.
In a voice that still sounded like a rich, yet dry, silken movement, the tones
and inflections caught the night quietude, lighting up like fireflies
 and stirring a breeze from whence no one ever could tell...
"...You I define wih the tip of my tongue
Wet and deliberate I traced your frame
Soft and warm I tasted your skin
And when your eyes are upon my flesh
I reach into ecstasy.
Love flowing from your eyes
It is a warm look of acceptance
And my heart lies still from fear
My body waits to be claimed by yours

In such a star-filled night
Most are filled with dreams of sleep
We lie awake in the silence
Listening to the breath of life
My breast as it rises and falls
Your hand warm upon moist skin
A soft and wet kiss
Someone breathes into another's ear
Someone bites another's neck
And we begin to play like Lovers ought.
Deep inside my shuttered heart,
You have opened a locked door
And out pours a soul
Out pours a spirit of Love
It fills the form on the floor.
The ache of your sweet loving
It pulls the strings of my heart
And with a wild tearing moan
Her mind focuses on the rythy here and now
It focuses on the movement before her
As she watches their bodies glide.

Through the making of love
Through the pleasure of giving of
She learns a new thought
She listens to the sng of te Night
Lying awake, knowing truely
That this is the one she has dreamed of.

Haunting dreams of a future untold
Dark eyes looming
Brimming into the dark of night
The eyes of the Lover as he cries
The softest caress in the world
As he breathes into her ear
Warm and soft she kisses his eyes
And with a passion of equal demand
Such as what lies within my heart

Oh, to long for burning passions,
And to deny them until you fall apart.