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Library: Journal page from a Valley of the Kings


Author: darkwell
Date:Sep 22 2006

25th day of the 1st month (Arienle) of the year 708

I bought this journal from the archives of the Sesmia couple months ago and it
clearly is somehow magical since every now and then letters appear from
nowhere and disappear inside the tome. And I have noticed that the letters
create entries. Sometimes these entries contain very interesting information
concerning the Valley. The Valley of the Kings has earned its name. Since I've
been here, I have opened many tombs and revealed many resting places of
numerous kings of the Valley. And believe me, I've been lucky because I'm
still alive.

I rented a room from the 'Cackling Mermaid' in the city of Chardanum. And I
shall wait here for my friends. We are going to raid the S/S Seabird that is
anchored in the harbour today. I have paid more than generous bribes to the
harbour office. I bet we can proceed with our plan in peace. For sometime I've
been curious about the ship. And I haven't met the captain yet.

I've been waiting for my friends for quite some time now. I hope they arrive
soon. I'm anxious about this plan. Something might go wrong.

My friend 'Ziba Soppakauha' just came here. He is a mage and a vigorous
explorer. I'm still waiting for Dazzt, a healer, but he seems to be running

Dazzt has joined us and we are ready to go. Also my friend Valkrist and Dione
came along. Dione also brought this guy called Consta and I never met him
before. If he starts being greed I think I will stab him in the back while he
is sleeping. After all, it's me who came up with this plan to raid the ship.

We came up with a plan to raid the ship. Now we must wait for the night fall
before we will attack the ship. Dazzt went for a prayer in the nuns convent
anyways. So we wait.

This is worst than I though, the calm before the battle. I'm very nervous.
Dazzt has returned and yet I'm still very anxious. It's been six hours since
we came up with the plan. I've been through it thousand times already. My
heart is beating like the drums in the Shadowkeep amphitheatre when the bards
are performing.

It's time. Ziba and Consta have been preparing me and Valkrist for a battle
with powerful spells of protection. Dazzt and Dione have made our skin harder
with some druidic tricks. I don't care about the magic, after all I'm a troll
ranger. Not some cheap magician trickster. Ha. Let the steel do the talking I
say. That is the only cold hard fact I can trust. We dressed in black cloaks
with hoods and slinked into the night.

The ship itself seemed sleeping. Even two guards in front were snoring loudly.
Quickly I pierced the first and Valkrist came behind me and slit the throat of
the second one. We went onboard along a thin plank.

It's an ambush! First wave of arrows turned from our magic tricks. The
mariners knew we were coming. I bet it's those bastards in the harbour office
who have been blabbering about us. Dione was wounded and I lost my ring finger
from my left hand. Even Valkrist was bleeding. Yet we were victorious. The
mariners were lying dead on the deck. Hooray!

We proceeded inside the ship itself and found more mariners ambushing us.
Through some luck and few wounds we made it to the mess and killed the chef.
He was unaware of us and the last thing he saw was my sharp blade. Ha! Fool.
We found a bell from the chef and we ringed it. Bling bling! And for our
surprise Captain opened his private cabin's door so that the chef could bring
him his meal. The only thing the captain would get would be the cold hard

But as we entered the cabin the captain Matchstick draw his swords and engaged
us. The battle was horrible. Valkrist, Consta and Dione met their maker as
Matchstick swirled his falchions. Thrust, parry, few steps forward, thrust,
false feint, dodge, slash and soon we realized the only thing keeping me alive
was the powerful protection spells and the masterful healing of Dazzt. Now it
was the time for our mage to show his talent. And he did. Ziba displayed a
magnificent fireworks and sparkling lights and after fierce combat the
Matchstick was burned into ashes.

And we found the treasure! What was that? Is someone behind me

- This torn up journal entry was found within an empty tomb beneath the sands
of the Valley of the Kings.