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Library: Not a step back


Author: rutaliator
Date:Nov 8 2006

It was a beautiful morning. Definetly not one of those when you wake up
wondering where the hell you are and what happened last night. No, it was one
of those happy happy joy joy mornings, when everything seems right and you
cannot make wrong decisions. So, still on euphoric mood, I made some coffee
and stood on my porch looking at all those happy bunnies on the green fields
of BatRealm. I ate some sandwich and decided that it is time for a killing,
something soft, something small.
  I summoned my trusty old chaos sword, Taikamiekka, and wielded it with
pride. So many dead bunnies in the past, and so many ahead. This food 2h sword
was truely feared by all small, defenseless furry creatures across the
BatRealm(tm). Grinning evilly, I converged to the cornfields. With hope in my
heart, of fresh innocent blood. 

I arrived to the cornfields. The area was uncannily quiet, no sound or sight
of life anywhere. I quickly decided to go somewhere else and started to walk
southwards on the great road from BatCity. Perhaps another day... Then I met
the chaos drake. The usual story, boy meets drake, drake is aggro, drake hits
boy, boy ends up in hell. So much for the small furry defenseless bunnies that
roll on their backs when you cuddle them. Yay!