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Library: Power of yesterday aka Dwellers in the past


Author: capula
Date:Nov 13 2006

There are basicly three basic conditions in
life which drive you on. The past(good), the
present(bad) and the future(ugly).

Buddha said "All life is suffering." and what
is life for buddhists, its the present. If
you focus on present, you focus on eternal
suffering. Do you really want that, because
presumably you've got only one life.

The future is cloyded by obscurities and
nothing is certain about it. Do you want to
take a chance and wait what it will bring
you? It might be bliss or it might be
suffering or anything between that, but do
you really want to take a chance?

The hidden truth about powers of past have
been common knowledge for people in every
culture around the world. The power of past
shall relief you from the burdens of life.

You have propably noticed how things used
to be and feel better back in old days. How
even the most difficult things(then present)
are just a vague memory and if there is
anything worthwhile to remember, shimmering
aura of glory surely surrounds it.

So on the moment where you leave the burdens
of now and stop caring about the future,
you will find the blessed road which has
been laid before you by your ancestors.

The power of yesterday. All you need is to
start dwelling in the past!