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Library: The quest for high mortal


Author: ghart
Date:Nov 20 2006

Long ago, in a dimension known as Onyx II, I was a giant fighter
living in the small town of Tanelorn. The world itself was not very
unlike Batmud, it had cute animals, evil orcs, nasty undeads and
fearsome dragons. And ofcourse, there were brave adventurers striving
for glory and fame. I had spent many years earning knowledge and
experience in the realm and now the time had come to take the ultimate
challenge. The quest to become a high mortal.

On a cold winters day in the year of 1523 I set of with two companions,
two mages named Playboy and Cyclops that had promised to help me.
I knew that once we enter the queens chamber we could not escape until
she was dead, so the shooting powers provided by the mages would be

We walked out of the town on the western road and after about an hour
we reached the last civilized outpost, Elmer the ent. He waved his
branches happily to us and wished us good luck but we had no time stop.
We turned south here, towards the southern marshlands and the road
became worse and worse the further we went. As we walked, snow started
to fall and it was getting colder. It was as if the gods of weather
knew we were heading for the queen of ice. After about another two
hours we rached the sea and we could see the castle of stone that we
were heading for. It was built upon a small island out in the sea,
but a small drawbridge led from the shore and into the castle.

Two skeleton guards were guarding the entrance as usual but they never
saw us coming. One well aimed lightning bolt from distance shattered
their bony bodies to pieces before they had time to call the alarm.
Good, we didn't want them to know of our presence, not yet. But that
luck didn't last for long, as fast as we entered the castle we faced
two stone guards. 'We are bounded by the stone!' they kept screaming as
more and more both stone guards and soldiers came running into the
hall. This was no match for us and soon many servants of the stone
were lying dead on the floor. The real challenge still awaited ahead,
we all knew it, we had been in here many times before.

We went further into the castle, it was all silent. Maybe the alarm
had not reached the lower floor yet. The hallway turned right and then
left again and we reached the stairs to the lower floor. Still no sound
of any resistance, maybe some other adventurers had been in here before
us? We went down the stairs and quickly we found ourselves in combat
again, and no, no one could have been here recently. This time they
came in big numbers, and only the tougher soldiers. It took a good
while before we had slain them all, but after a while shattered stone
limbs laid all around us on the floor and we took a short break to
regain our breath.

After the quick rest we went on down the hallway. We went pass the door
we knew led into the castle torturer, even though we could hear that
some activity was going on in there. The hallway turned left, but it
was all empty and quiet and when we reached the end of the hallway we
found the door that led to the queens chambers. I opened the door and
we faced the first elite guard. This was my true element, one on one
in combat, sword against sword. The guard didn't last long, he fell
from a mortal slash to the head and with blood pouring out from several
other wounds. A second elite guard faced the same end a short while
after that and now the way to the queen was open.

The was no time waste and we ran into the queens private room. And there
she was, waiting for us. Her feared sceptre of ice were glowing deep
blue in her hand but she had a calm look in her face. She had a long
black robe, black boots and a crown covered with red gems. Welcome, she
said, as if she was looking forward to see us. The door slammed shut
behind us the same second she leaped into an attack, and so the final
battle began. The queens sceptre and my sword met in a clashing sound
many times and magic spells flew through the air. All of them aimed
precisely, hitting the queen each time. The queen hurt me badly in the
end, but finally after a long fight, she was dead!

And so I spoke the words of the warriors prayer.
Gods of war I call you.
My sword is by my side.
I seek a life of honour,
free from all false pride.
I will crack the whip,
with a bold mighty hail.
Cover me with death,
if I should ever fail.
Glory, majesty, unity
Hail, Hail, Hail!