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Library: The lazy bard's tale


Author: mihkali
Date:Nov 23 2006

The lazy bard's tale

 It was third day after my longer than expected tour de tavern and my
hands didnt tremble so much anymore. Somehow my bank account was below
zero and money chest was inhabitated by skinny mouse.

 'Shit, need to do something' i cursed. With my long served harmonica
i headed to bat capital. South of Batcity is crossing of two roads where
people around bat continent passed by. Great place to earn few coins.
Couple of hours i played that familiar topten song 'musicians alm', but
when even those pesky nomadic people got the idea of being robbed
did i have to leave.

 With few platinum, couple thousand gold and handfull of copper i moved
to casino near merchant guild, mowgles that worthles pile of coins
i left behind. 'Roulette, game of my choise'. I have this bulletproof
system to play colours and keep doublig my bet. 'Hi M' that Cyclo
bouncer greeted and i started to work, bet 100 coins on hmm red is
my lucky colour today so bet 100 coins on red. You receive 200 coins on

 Simple as nomad. Bet 1500 coins on red, mmm you receive 3000 on 'red',
well too easy bet 5000 on red, damn 00. 'Uh too boring' so invested some
5000 to number 7 and 2500 on 13-14. Black 2. Allmost at zero monetary
state again and need to do some rethinking so went straight to Pub
of Flying dragon.

 Next morning after couple shadowkepian beer (leftover from yesterday)
i opened my allmost rusty chest and checked my not so awesome equipment.
'Need some fixing' i thought and called my courtmerchant Slarswaters
to do some repairing and protecting some of those swords i have burrowed,
god knows where have i burrowed those. 100k was Slarswaters bill, i gig-
led some and said ill clear this after i slay some heavyduty eqmonsters.

 So i begin my journey to big money. from old central park i travelled
west to this easy piece of ass eq dropping monster, magician of dumbness,
just to realise that there was nobody. 'Pathfinding' my self home and to
my next target who was orc Agerpah who carry many worthy items. Few 
'Con fiocos' and he is dead i thought bat alas that mean orc hitted like
hell and i have to retread to play some campfires and spend some time
lounging. 'Ware ensemble' is nice tune just before fight so i played 
that too.

 A cold ray hits you! i was nearly dead and retreated again for some more
lounging and campfiretunes. 'This doesnt go too well' i think 'Perhaps
i should go and play some more alms to nomads.' Back in! Uhh and what an
dumb ass i am, just took another nasty spell right to my face. Next time
i avoided spell but got massive hit to my face instead, is this the righ-
tway for urban bard?? Got him down after long while.

 So what did i earn? nearly 10k gold and after paying all that to this 
nasty merchant Slarswaters i had nothing. Then what did i do next? I keep
on killing those 'Money monsters' and eventually got paid to that gangsta
merchant but then my now allmost rotten oldfashioned equipment was in a
need of some serious repairing and fxing, so i was just like a critter
in a wheel. Eventually i desided to just hang around southcross and play
tunes to travellers. that was much more adequate for a lazy bard person.

Bard trainee Mihkali