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Library: Adventurous succession in a Province


Author: valkrist
Date:Nov 27 2006

I wandered over batcity and found this nice sign:

The respected count, the warhero who suppressed the rebellion and protected
the city of Rilynt'tar from an attack has perished. The ship that was taking
him to Lorenchia was shipwrecked. They will be mourned not only by the
citizens of the province, but also by four boys and a daughter.

The death of the count has aroused thought among the citizens who will become
the next
successor. If the next successor is to be selected amongst the warmongering
boys, the poverty shall continue. Your task is to investigate if there's
anything you can do to help the poor citizens.

'Oh, to the rescue!',I thought and ran there. 
I found my way to priest and woman. I found some strange chest there. I
wondered what i 
should do. I ran inside the Manor. I was looking for the spokesman and i
managed to find 
him. I was asked him all kinds of questions. The spokesman talked and talked
and talked.

After a long time I managed to find out what I need to do here. First I ran
upstairs and
found a key. I was a bit of lost and searched everything there. I managed to
find some 

Then I got the idea to run to the lighthouse on the western shore and manage
to climb all
the way to the top. I lit a lamp found in the tower. Suddenly a couple od
dudes appear 
from nowhere. They scared me a bit, but I'm a brave adventurer so I didn't run
Another one of these fine gentlemen was asking me for a smoke. Well I had just
found a few 
cigars and I don't smoke. So I gave one to him. He was delighted and gave me a
curious key. 

Well I ran back to the manor to see if there was something left for me to see.
There was a 
locked door. I tested my key and it worked. 

'WHEE!' i felt like a winner! Another great puzzle was solved. 

I stepped inside and started searching everywhere. I managed to found
again. After that I ran to the corridor and in a closet I picked up coat. It
was red I thought 
it was nice. My colour indeed. Well I was searching for hints in the manor and
I found a 
fireplace there. 

'Hum there is something in it. I better search it through.'I thought to

There was a note in the fireplace amongst the ashes. From the note I found
instructions to get 
even further in this glorious adventure. Well I went back to the woman and
priest and gave the 
priest a pamphleth I had found . Oh they started the  funeral for the deceased
Count. Well that
 wasn't that fun So I carried on and found my way to a cottage. 

From the cottage I found this jar filled with peppers. Didn't like the label
so I tore it off. 
Now I had seen the cottage too. I managed to get ouf of the cottage and found
a bridge. One of
Margareth's brothers arrived there. I got this idea to cut ropes from bridge
and this dude walks 
there and start jumping. Not very wise. You prolly can guess what happened to
him? Ok that was 
a sad episode, but I didn't want that bother to spoil my happy adventure. So I
carried on. 
I found this dude called Manfred. I gaved him my coat because I didn't need it
anymore. Well I start 
to follow this Manfred around and he was explaining a story to me. Suddenly he
got charged by a 
bull. Well not very wise to wear a red coat with bulls on the loose?

Another dude died. This adventure sucks. Well I don't give up that easily. I
ran behind the manor 
to find a guy called Kastor. He was a true gentleman like Toag is. I gave him
this note and he 
got all mad and killed some dude. 

'Well this is a strange province.' i thought. 

Well I headed back to the manor and found a cook. I gived him the jar which I
had and he gave me a plate. 

I was feeling a bit hungry after long adventure like this. So I started to
look for a peaceful corner 
where i could eat my dinner. I found some Olof-guy who was very hungry. I gave
my food to him, because 
I wasn't that hungry anyways. Olof started to eat with a great appetite. Well
not long after that 
he died. 

'Blah! A boring adventure.' I thought. 'I only see people die.' 

Well I went back to the spokesman and he told me that my adventure is over and
rewards me with great prices.