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Library: The Wilderness of Pain


Author: merja
Date:Mar 25 2007

The wilderness of pain and suffering combined swings like wind swung reeds
like wings of flight taking a tour of the earth
these eyes I have seen with my frail hands touching my own face
other faces in my dream
of children in sweat, eyes dropping tears for food
hands and legs of my country are missing
and her people's voices are heard as cries of agonies
tortured, slashed open wounds, burned memories
of things human beings can never grasp possible
so sometimes I try to tell my story
as if I'm telling the stories the millions murdered
in a genocide others still define
My life in exile, homesick for the sentimental miseries of things I had known
even pain is desirable whenever I need to redefine my own humanity
What I do is write with the hope that I can ask other people to care
with words as dances to evoke their hearts
and to see and feel their world beyond themselves
that out there, far in the distance, the screams of others
are their own, with each massacre we commit against one another,
we are against ourselves
because whoever is out there is the mirror that stares right back at us
I have nothing to lose, when my arms are extended to those who are poor and
when my eyes are open with visions of a better, more just world
to see and feel these human things, which I cannot namem
is what shapes and forms me, my being to be composed
of death and light, shades of light and darkness, good and evil

that envelop portions of my rise and wake
heartbreaks that cross all racial borders in search of a pain free existence
I wish I alone, as if by magic, can make all suffering go away,
uncry all cries, heal all wounds, break all racial barriers, dismantle all
and bring the unjust to respect human rights
but I, nor God, can do it alone, you belong to the same world as I,
with the same composition to help you make the right decision
so you, too, can become just and fair, with a heart to treat others as
for you too are a part of that suffering which you see plaguing our world.

By Khmer poet, Chath pierSath find at