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Library: Story about survining


Author: alorn
Date:Jan 18 2007

Story about survining

I shall tell you story about mighty, fearsome but
soo lonely dragon named Sinimsaj. Journey starts
from a small village Tanger on the coast of Mangor.
Village elders believe that this village is the place
where gods were born, but most of the villagers thought
these 'elders' were just plain villageidiots. Well
anyway, There was very respected smith Talon, who
could do almost anything from metal. people from all
over the realm came here to visit Talon and order some
very mystical devices. Talon also had a son named W,
mmm... no one really knows where the name comes from.
W wasnt the smartest kid in town, but like his father,
he was good with his hands. 
Days and years went by, all seem to be fine for many years
but then one day huge shadow crossed the village. People went
panic, and believed that those feared gods were comin back
to punish them for bad behavior or so... they sacrificed almost
everything from cow to chicken to please the gods, but nothing
happens. The shadow kept coming every day.
One day on the fields W saw something very strange, There was
HUGE winged creature bathing on the sun, near waterfall bout 
5 miles from village. He found good hiding place between rocks
and followd as creature mourned and seemd to
cry a bit. After few minutes W whispered and quicker than
lightning the creature was right above him watching him with
gleaming yellow eyes. W couldn move cos he was so terrified
and all he could think is that when that creature is going to
eat him. Those 2 minutes felt like 2 hours and suddenly
this massive creature starts to talk and asks W about weather.
W didnt understand the question first, but answered few seconds
later that the weater is nice and sunny, no clouds. 
Creature starts to cry and moans about how he wants to drown
himself. W goes 'wft'. Then W asks creature why he is so sad.
Creture says that hes almost blind and wants a good bath.
W promised to take care of that if creature would spare his
life, creature agreed. W went to homevillage and told his
father about creature and his problems, of course his father
didnt believe any of that. Talon smiled and asked W to go bed
and get some rest. Next morning W asked his father about 
help again nut father refused. W got mad starts to throw things.
after awhile he calm down and he got and idea, he would steal all
the materials from his father to build huge bathtub for that
creature. He worked almost 2 weeks to get all he needed and
another 2 weeks to finish the job. Now he only got 1 serious
problem, how the hell he would fill up the tank. He asked creature
to help him with this little problem, and the creature was more
thank happy to help cos he knew that this would solve his 
own problem. Creature moved tank under the waterfall and starts
bathing, suddenly massive blast of light bursts from tub. W got scared,
again, but stayed firm. After few seconds he heard womans voice 
from tub. He took his fathers hammer and starts to bang t tub,
and after few hits he succeeded to break a hole to let all 
the water loose. Young woman climbd out from tub and hug W
and thank him for saving her from terrible curse. She told that her
name was princes Jasminis from great southern kingdom. W took 
Jasminis to village and offered her shelter and some decent clothes.
W also voluntered to escort jasminis to home... but that is a
another story....