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Library: The Journey Over the Deepest Seas...


Author: chorale
Date:Mar 9 2007

It was the year 485 in the era of the Old Batmud. It was night and the sky was
Birds were asleep and all beasts were awake to hunt everything that moved. 
There were also three humans, named Erkki, Jupe and Lauri, travelling to
Batcity far far away from Lorenchia. Their four horses were pulling an old,
ragged horse carriage. Erkki found the dark forest very scary with all those
horrific sounds that were heard from its depths. Erkki started to glance
around with a terrified look in his eyes. Jupe was riding the horses and Lauri
just sang songs sitting in the carriage. The men had a parcel to deliver to
Batcity for a man known as Damogran. They didn't know what there was in the

Soon the fellows were near Lor and the road ended to a sea. They started to
scratch their heads and wonder: "How the hell are we gonna get over that sea?!
We have no time to go around it!" Obviously feeble-minded Erkki got an idea:
"Let's swim over it!" Lauri fell to the ground laughing at Erkki's stupid
idea. But Jupe saw a ship crossing the waving waters. "Hey, Lauri, sing loudly
so that they can hear us!", Lauri took his guitar from inside his backpack and
started to play and sing as loudly as he could. The crew of the ship saw them
and turned it over. Jupe asked the Captain if he and his friends could get
over the sea in his sloop. The Captain told him: "Sure! We're going to the
north from here, so why not!" The Captain wanted them to work as a payment for
the voyage. They were given a place to sleep in for they had to start cleaning
the deck in the morning. But wise Jupe had an idea: "Why couldn't Erkki be the
only one of us cleaning the deck? Lauri could sing and I... yes, I'd lay down
to take a short nap... Or why not a longer one..?" Lauri clapped
enthusiastically and started to sing songs and play guitar with a merry
expression on his face. And Erkki - he cleaned the deck. After a long, long
day of hard work (yeah, right) the Captain told the men that they couldn't go
any farther to the north from Conjurer Guild. They just had to accept that
they couldn't get closer to their destination by ship. 

The gangway was descended to the ground.  Jupe took the horses and rode down
the gangway. But the fellows had a new problem. How the hell were they going
to go on to their final destination over the sea from now on? 
They just thought and thought and tried to figure it out all day and night
long. At the edge of lunacy Lauri started to shout: "I DON'T KNOW, I REALLY
maliciously while Lauri ran over the small island and Erkki just snored
loudly. A bird flew happily in the air, the sun brightened the view and there
was a gentle, warm scent in the wind. Two days had gone, but the three men
were still chewing upon their problem. Suddenly Jupe spotted a little girl
sailing alone at the sea and yelled "HERE! AHOY, WE'RE HERE! HELP US!" The
girl noticed them. "How can I help you?" she asked with the most innocent
sound in her voice. Jupe told her about their dilemma: "We have to get on ;dry
land straight to the east from here." The girl seemed to think a while and
then vanished to the deep sea. The ground started to tremble and from the sea
came a/the Terrible BIG WHALE. 
The girl had friends in the sea so she just asked for some help from the
whale. The fellows climbed on the whale's back and the whale took the horse
carriage and the horses in his mouth. Yes, mouth! 
The whale swam to the east all way long...  It took about six hours to get on
dry land. 
The whale dropped the men and the horses to the ground. The three men gave a
beatiful diamond to the girl to thank her. The diamond was red, shiny and
shaped as a star. The girl hugged them one at a time and thanked them smiling
Jupe started to ride the carriage, Erkki and Lauri just sat aboard. 

After a few hours of wandering Jupe found a cross named South Cross. For a few
seconds he didn't know where to go, so  Erkki shouted: "Go to the east!" and
Jupe rode to the east. But there was nothing but a dead end. Lauri had to ask
someone to tell him where Batcity was. Luckily he saw a boy walking down a
nearby path at a forest. 
Lauri said: "Hey, little pal! Could you please tell us where Batcity is? You
see, we got lost and we have no idea where we are... So, could you help us a
"Sure!" the boy said, "Just go to the west where two roads cross and then to
the north and you are there." Jupe started to slam the horses powerfully to
make them move faster and rode to the west and then to the north, just like
the boy had advised him to do. 
And there it was, a big city, Batcity with all its shops, walls and people.
Fortunately they saw the church where Damogran should be almost immediately.
Lauri went to the church and wandered around for a while to find Damogran.
Finally Lauri found him and gave him the parcel. Damogran applaused loudly
he was very glad to get the parcel in time. 
He gave Lauri a few mithril coins to thank for the delivery. 

The three fellows found nice jobs, nice people and friends when they got to
know Batcity. Erkki lived happily in Batcity the rest of his life. Jupe found
a wife and they got couple of children. And what happened to Lauri? Lauri just
sang in the streets and made people laugh by telling them his hilarious jokes.

The end!