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Library: Story of a normal night at a bar


Author: magi
Date:Mar 20 2007

It is friday night, and we were just opening the bar. We were creating some
lime and lemon decorations which we would use for coctail drinks, and Jaska
brought some Finlandia Vodka, Bombay Gin and several other liquers to the
bar for serving.

The bar was ready to start serving customers who wanted to drink themselves
under the table. I like to serve them well on that issue! While preparing
for the night noticed Jaska had something weird going on, he was juggling
bottles around! He had never told me he could do that! That means you can
keep all the tips to yourself. I was kinda jealous at that point. 

The time ticked on, and at eight'o'clock it was still a quiet night. We had
two men drinking Gin Tonic, playing blackjack and waiting for the ladies to
show up. Couple of good-looking gals arrived to the bar and started to
flirt with us! The other chick gave me her phonenumber, wanted me to call
flirt with us! The other chick gave me her phonenumber, wanted me to call

Customers kept coming in at an increasing pace, and the party was getting
started. And then it really started happening - an elder man pushed another
in the blackjack table, and a fight broke out.

We went to separate the brawlers, but the other man got the drop on us
first. Jaska got a hard kick in the family jewels and he dropped down.
I charged at the man, tripped him over and punched him in the face.
Unfortunately that man had a huge pimple on his nose, which bursted to my
face! Yuch!

Time to call the police.

As the police arrived and questioned what happened, the men of course started
to accuse us for attacking them without reason. Fortunately the police saw
through the story and took the troublemakers away.

Jaska had to go and visit the hospital - his mommy-daddy-button was swollen
pretty badly. His new motto is 'take the pain, leave the swelling'.
So for me it was back to work, and luckily it's a small bar so I could handle

The man who was arrested was with some group, who I saw were up to
something. I had to go and solve the situation, but the men were so furious
at me, and attacked without warning and I got hit on the chest hard.

Being alone, this time I had to run.

Luckily my friend Tatu just entered the bar. He is a HUGE man, but a sheep in
wolfs clothes. 
He shouted at the guy after me what the hell he was doing - chased down the
man and dragged him out of the bar from his other leg.
My friend had really earned a beer for that.

The night went on, people were dancing to the tunes of hard trance, but
unlucky for the bar nobody wanted to drink while they're dancing.
Finally it was time to close the place and push the people out.

Of course I had to stay back, clean the tables, wash the dirty glasses and
At the end of it all, you can finally get yourself something to eat and go to

That was a normal workday of a bartender, does doing that all week sound like

The End.