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Library: Crown of Eyes


Author: merja
Date:Mar 25 2007

Learning to behave. Tips and quotes from "How to be happy all of the time" by
paramhansa yogananda. (vol. 1)

Associate with calm minds. Ask them how you look, from their perspective. This
allows you to realise the difference between your perception and theirs.

Your intimate friends do not criticize you openly for fear of offending you;
but they criticize you inwardly, as you do them. ...behave perfectly and keep
constantly improving yourself by being unselfish, wise, calm, meditative,
fearless, sweet, sincere, courteous, methodical, true to your word, and
unafraid to be firm...

Self-control at first produces unhappiness because of the separation from the
pleasure-yielding senses.

Never dwell on the thought of your shortcomings. Recall, instead, the memory
of the good things that you have done, and of the goodness that exists in the

Only worthwhile accomplishments are the victories we win over ourselves.
Create inner dwellings of beautiful qualities, valleys of humbleness where
gather the rains of God's mercy and of other people's good wishes for us.