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Library: The Rest is Silence


Author: merja
Date:Apr 5 2007

This is also called "With You" (Until I get the Tamil translation). It is
dedicated to the Best Friend in my life, Jeriann.

Your heart is open, and I see the hope in your eyes.
It reminds me of the responsibilities which we bear
To humanity when we commit to life and to love.
I don't refer here to the romantic type of emotion
To which I fall often victim due to my own lacking discipline,
Rather I refer to a sense of mutual effort to be kind.

When you speak the world is reflected in your eyes
And the wisdom of your heart is a sea of mind.
Clearly as the darkened night in the wilderness,
Without city light pollution to tear away my sight,
I remember our years of commonality
As we rise above the culture of our birth.

I see that through time the relations we build,
Those minds and bodies that come and go,
Dreams broken, expectations exhausted
We are left to the bare bones, a chosen course,
And bereft of the illusion. You stand alone,
In your exposed state, open to the universe.