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20 Feb 2004 17:01
Tarmalen ideas:
- faith' referred here as "rank" :)
- leader- system based on the cast tarmaspells :
- 1pts raise, 2pts ress, 3pts new body
- 1pts per 100 damage healed except if the target is evil plus
check battleob & partyob so the target is in same party &
battle as you,lowers abuses.
- no pts from dd's, quite easy abuse if you want unless you make
a fool- proof check from last attacker who put the target uncon
- some bonus from time spent in the guild
- add automatically x points per monster kille, similar to barbrep except
it adds automatically instead of some burning- shit.
- remove exp bonus from raises/resses/bodies as you now gain points
- Make several "leader"ranks - leader could be leader or whatever
archgaybishop, but then there could be lots of rank steps
(bishop, priest, father whatever), and what you gain
from your faith except dicksize ?
- heals better, more successful spellchances and perhaps
those "special" spells
- this faith could be an affecting factor on all tarma skills/spells
- blesses of course are better if got from devouted follower
Summary : no major changes but would bring SOMETHING new to the
guild, the current leadersystem (faithsystem) sucks
donkey balls. And feel free to ask me of more ideas
and how to code or carry them through!

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