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06 Oct 2009 23:57
There has been some sort of problem when people are unable to know whether
they have been able to train situational warfare or not. Since this has been
troublesome, I've at least tried to create a tool to help you. When casting
flame arrow at you know what (yes, the device), you can now gain rough
information how much keys are still needed in Delekaia's device. This doesn't
mean your share, it means the total share. Also, if you currently have access
to any of the training rooms, the device will tell you that as well. Hopefully
this makes it a bit easier to keep track of situational warfare and its
access. Remember that this is not change to anything. The device just reports
this information, but like before, new training arenas override previous ones
if you are not there to take advantage of your rightfully earned permissions.

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