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24 Feb 2010 00:43
Let's try to recapture something that's been going on today.

First of all I have sincerely regretted that I started this
all without drinking beer, because I truly understand how
much less painful this all has been without it.

I decided to modify the key voids into not saving keys
over reboots if they can be stuffed inside the device, but
despite my attempts to predict the probable results, it
quickly proved to be potentially something that would
be exploited.

While making the changes, I probably didn't explain my
motives a lot, so I guess it's fair that I share them
here publicly. Perceptive people have already noticed
that certain training arenas do not get opened very often,
and people stack keys into the voids to feed them to
the device when the less wanted Water-arenas are opened
from the way of the other arenas. While I do understand
why the water arenas are less useful, it creates a
situation where many players basically reserve a training
spot with their previously picked keys on the expense
of casual players. Therefore I've been trying to
come up with changes that would give fairer chance
for everyone to actually compete for the more useful
training arenas.

Like previously mentioned, my initial response to solve
the situation more or less backfired, so I decided to
take a timeout and think outside the box. Thus I've
taken this train wreck 360 degrees to starboard and
hope that I won't crash on the rocks.

Some people might like this, some might not, but in many
cases I need to compromise, because it is not always
possible to annoy everyone :-D So this is how it should go:

1) Keyvoids can only be saved through reboot (either in
inventory or chests) if they are empty.
2) The infernal device doesn't get jammed the same way
it did before. You can now always insert keys or
feed voids into it.
3) Even if total amount of required keys has already been
exceeded, people can still insert keys and try to
compete for the entrance to the training room as long
as the keyholder hasn't opened the training arena yet.
After keyholder opens the arena, the keys inserted
will be counted towards the next arena.

The whole key system has grown into quite a big portion of
code, so I hope the people concerned will find some
patience in case everything doesn't go quite as planned.
I will try to fix bugs as fast as I can, but currently
I've been granted an uninteresting chance to live a
normal life in the guidance of the Finnish government.
Thanks beforehand,

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