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19 May 2010 02:06
I've been doing some fixes/modifications/tunes during the last
couple of days, and here's some sort of summary from those
that you might be interested to know (also let me know if
some of them bug). I will be around for the next days to
see that everything should run smoothly.

+ Shield combat is now affected by combat tempo. If you fail
to keep up with the tempo of the combat, you will be
informed. This means that you cannot fight in combat
quite as effectively as you would have wanted. Manner
of lordliness helps you keep up with the tempo.
+ 'kharim souls' shows you average soul powers. This change
is mostly cosmetic and was requested. The soul average
power doesn't really play a big role in the guild so
there's no need to panic if your soul average is lower
than you would have expected/wanted.
+ High wisdom helps with soulbound fate even more than before.
+ Chaos artificer (Elovar) has new option of brief research
that shows current potentials for cheaper price.
+ vampiric blow should now give ep even if in full hp.
+ shallow water fighting (adaptation) is a little bit easier
to get now, but probably still keeps you avoiding those
Ship rooms. :)
+ Delekaia's device will slowly reduce 1 key per day from
inactive players. On longer term it should balance the
needed key amounts better than it does it now.
+ nocturnal charm can be refreshed when the spell is on.
+ chance for fumbling soulbound fate should be smaller now.
+ wield times save in chaos blades now (although it bears
no significance whatsoever). Cosmetic mostly..
+ the effect of corrupt guidance is less random now.
+ added more targets for foul play brawling support.
+ foul play shouldn't attempt to drown fish anymore!
+ the first ever crafted sword of the legionary is crafted
simultaneously regardless of the salary that is paid.
The hour/salary limitation is still active. [active at boot].
+ Becomes active on the swords that are on the works.
+ Everybody starts from zero now.
+ This is to help newcomers to get some kind of sword
although Elovar is a good choice now as well.
+ Deria Falha has dropped his minimum prices a bit. [active at boot]
+ evolution chance on blades increased a bit. [active at boot]
+ swords decay now. The decay time counts from real life time. Each
sword will last at least one year in real life time. Quality of the
sword increases prolongs the age of the sword.
+ once the blade begins to decay, it will slowly lose its abilities
and will eventually destroy itself. When your sword is in decay-mode
it will get (fading) in short desc.
+ this starts affecting retroactively. If your sword is from the
beginning of the guild it might not last as long as the swords that
were made yesterday.
+ the average age of a chaos sword is probably something like 2-3 years
of real life time.
+ Elovar's sword should not have any random anymore.
+ they should be the same potentials as the sword that is enchanted.
+ This gives newbies an entirely new chance of using the artifcer.
+ Elovar's swords still don't get evolutions. (reminder)

There's also something "new" coming soon but it will take some time to
finish. That will be announced separately. Please let me know if you think
some of these announced things are not working as intended.

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