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BatMUD Forums > Guilds.kharim > Shield maneuvers (=passive attacks)

05 Apr 2011 14:08
Previously the hits have primarily been based on the primary damage type,
meaning that weapons with over 50% preference to a damagetype has resulted in
hit always being of that damagetype. Therefore, for example now even newbies
with 20% fire weapons, have 20% chance of inflict fire damage with a shield
attack, while still having 80% of hits staying physical when they previously
would have done only physical. Okay, I'll admit that that's not the way you
see this modification, and it doesn't honestly have anything to do with
newbies, but just wanted to see that winning newbie card actually bite your
ass for a change! :) But in all fairness, 100% typedam can be considered a big
bonus and that should be reserved mainly for casting types so I think this is
quite fair.

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