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14 Apr 2019 05:27
Greetings Legionaries!

Here's the thing. About a year or two ago I accidentally stumbled into
something that is a bug. Originally I intended that it was possible for
players to lose a memory (those one uses to connect with wailing voices)
during reincarnation process if one knows most of them. This was meant to
encourage some interaction between people who would then teach others memories
that they have lost. Also originally the idea was that people would generally
speaking gain few memories from NPCs and then teach each other the rest of
them. This is the reason why players don't always get the same memory from a
monster that some other player did. However, I have also noticed that teaching
memories to someone is troublesome as people do not have the actual
information available what is required to do that. I never revealed how it
works as I expected nature to take its course and this would eventually happen
through normal playing. However, this hasn't exactly happened, which has also
been one of the reasons why I haven't really made it a big priority to fix
this bug that prevented people from losing a memory in the reincarnation.

I could of course fix this thing or just leave it as it is and not tell anyone
anything, but I still feel that perhaps having a small chance to lose a memory
wouldn't be a bad thing, if people had a better idea what affects to teaching.
So, I'm going to spoil this a bit and make it easier for people to teach
memories as it was never the intention to have people search for some rare
dragons in the wilderness. The dragons will still be there every once in a
while and if you accidentally stumble upon them, it may be a pleasant surprise
for you nonetheless. That being said, the ability to teach others memories
doesn't really require stats or skills and isn't generally connected with the
person who is doing the teaching. In order to learn, one needs to listen to
the wailing voices who hang out in the maelstroms. It's not required to do
this thousand times per day, and to be more frank, it wouldn't work, but let's
just say that it may be beneficial to pay them an occasional visit every once
in a while to help speed things up. Perhaps this is enough information to go

In case anyone wonders what the original purpose of the maelstroms is, it was
meant to be a sort of hint system/tutorial for the aspiring guild members who
would otherwise lack some knowledge. Mostly this information is written by me,
but my idea was that players could be able to expand on it and share
information that they thought would be interesting. If you know anyone who
plays Kharim and would nowadays be interested in writing more stuff, share
this person's name with me and I'll consider it.

Another thing from the past was that Kharim guild members got two sword slots
each. This means that most of you who own a chaos blade wield one and have
Zela, the armourer to store the second one. When the guild opened, the idea
was to perhaps create some tasks or reputation systems which would have
allowed additional sword slots. There were still some ideas for the guild that
were never implemented as my time went to other projects and Kharim already
seemed interesting enough for people to play, so often other things took
priority. Even though this guild has been open for about 12 years (I think?),
I still think it is relatively modern compared to many other guilds so
expansive content additions still don't seem like a top priority. That being
said, I have decided to add an additional sword slot to everyone, making it
total 3 blades that everyone can own from now on.

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