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04 Nov 2019 23:03
As the sun fell down behind the range of mountains only smoke was rising. It
was the lonely dragon known as Kizarwexius who had been practising its
skills. One might have assumed that the story would have continued explaining
how the forest was now being consumed by flames originating from dragonfire
but it couldn't have been farther from the truth. Kizarwexius sat down on
the rock, opened a bag of marshmallows and was now ready to roast those by
the campfire that it had built and which was the reason why the smoke was
rising. Unbeknownst to Kizarwexius, there was someone else lurking in the
same forest. It was an old friend of Kizarwexius, a wandering minstrel,
who for a long time ago had laid down his harmonica, harchandler, harross,
harrachel, harphoebe and harjoey hoping to cover all his bases because it was
a horrible time to be alive as people would be offended for the silliest of
reasons. But there was another reason why the people might have been slightly
offended, and to find out why that is, you must read a little more.

As the minstrel stepped in from the shadows, Kizarwexius immediately
recognized his old friend, the archwizard, who had accompanied Kizarwexius
to many places and with whom they had even met the strange Eritrean

"How are you my old friend?", Kizarwexius greeted, while roasting a
marshmallow in the open fire.

"Terrible, my friend.", he started, and continued: "I have made tunes."

"Downtunes?", Kizarwexius asked and was immediately interrupted.

"Ssssh!", the archwizard shushed, "Not so loud. Someone could hear."

"It's not really even a downtune. It's more like a cosmetic change..", he

"Right..", Kizarwexius rolled its eyes.

"I'm serious!", the archwizard said.

"As long as it doesn't concern us dragons.", Kizarwexius said.

"It's not the dragons.", the archwizard stated, and Kizarwexius sighed from

"So what was tuned?", Kizarwexius asked in anticipation.

"Here's the long story. It was once suggested to me that it would be so much
cooler if metal fist did more damage with smaller shields than big ones,
because the big ones are much heavier to lift and one cannot effectively
punch with them as well as with smaller ones. So now you can get a sort of
bonus if you use a smaller shield.", the archwizard explained.

"So it's an uptune?", Kizarwexius wondered.

"Not exactly. The people who are using bigger shields may now see a smallish
penalty compared to what it was before. It's mostly cosmetic, probably, maybe,
hopefully..", he muttered.

"Then I also tweaked that blindsided assault and deflect blows too. Those got
downtuned little bit too because.."

"Downtuned?", the dragon exclaimed.

"Ssssh!", the archwizard shushed once again letting out a sound that would
normally be a mating call to attract a cobra, now that he had practiced, his
social life is just fine, thank you for asking.

"Don't you think they'll be mad?", Kizarwexius pondered.

"Well, perhaps over the years some formulas need some tweaking so that they
don't run out of hand.", the archwizard explained.

"You don't seriously think they care about the reasons, do you?", the dragon

"Why do you think I'm hiding here in this forest?", the archwizard replied

"Besides, I have some other interesting things prepared for those evil
legionaries. It just takes some time to implement them. Just you wait..",
the archwizard explained enthusiastically.

"How long does that take? Two weeks?", Kizarwexius asked doubtfully.

"Maybe three. Let's not be too hasty.", the archwizard noted.

Kizarwexius knew that even if it was in dragon weeks, it was going to take
some time.

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