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13 Apr 2020 12:24
Just a friendly reminder with the likely free anniversary reincs coming up.
Turn in efiilas/feldspar/syggax favor, store coins, train exp, wear
pendant/drink reinc flask if any.

Dont forget you get get curealls from Efiilas and Feldspar for 250. Oh, and
if you're an oldbie like ?ortoth with a bunch of chests store your eq if
you're afraid you'll forget and lose it to boot.

Malcom "My reincs are better than Tikku's" Reynolds
Good list, but you forgot reaver energy freeze!
Which reminds me: What is the point of storing these things?
What "fun" does it bring to the game?
Seriously, even from a roleplaying point of view?

Yes, I just lost 3k syggax points to this utter stupidity.
I'll be just fine, but what pisses me off are the people
who actually had to work/gather parties/spend time for their
points/energy/etc, and then lose it all, because there really
isnt any visible warning to this idiocy.

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