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09 Apr 2021 03:18
I reinstalled the batclient via steam.
Removed all files in C:\Users\username\batclient.
Then start BatMUD.exe in .\Steam\steamapps\common\BatMUD without using
The BatMUD application runs but no logo picture and no BatMUD window
Is there any wrong with new version client?
The java client I installed years ago, on an old computer, works fine.
But the new steam batclient on the old computer still not work properly.
New steam batclient fails on my:
1)home laptop
2)office computer
3)old windows 10 tablet(the old computer)

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31 Jul 2021 19:22
I am having the same issues as well. It was working fine on my laptop but then
when I went to use it on my PC it wouldn't work.

I tried disabling steam cloud as well as copying the batclient folder over
my laptop, where it still works.

Nothing. :(

Any ideas would be helpful.