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BatMUD Forums > Guilds.triad > Filling poison/vials from another vial

20 Dec 2021 20:15
It was reported to me as a bug that there was some strange behaviour when
filling a blood vial from another one and's the thing. Technically
speaking some of the containers in this guild (such as blood vials and poison
vials) are technically little bit different from some other liquid containers
so not all of the commands are available. Some of these default actions for
these containers were replicated in the blood/poison vials, but 'fill' command
actually wasn't one of them as it has been supported little bit differently in
our lib. So in this case this particular bug is actually a result of an
unimplemented and undocumented feature. I have now attempted to make
modifications to the lib code to support filling of blood vials and poison
vials from another one. There are certain limitations concerning boiling
degrees and the specific bloods. While I have tested this feature extensively
(=managed to compile it, ssh..don't tell anyone how lazy I am..) it is
possible there may be some bugs. If any bugs should appear with the 'fill'
command when dealing with vials or anything else, let me know so I can fix it
for you.

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