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BatMUD Forums > Guilds.triad > Some words about spiritual leaders

12 Jun 2023 11:09
A spiritual leader is not necessarily the most powerful of Triadists, but
may be extremely well informed about a certain deity. Thus each of the
deities have their own spiritual leader. Being a spiritual leader doesn't
mean that the spiritual leader would necessarily be the most influential
member of the guild, but still some are.

Nonetheless, it occurred to me that the spiritual leader should be an
individual who is dedicated to the religion rather than for example
a reaver or a worshipper of Tzarakk who chooses Triadists as a secondary
option with only few levels. Thus, having affinity as the only requirement
for leadership seemed unfitting. I tried to get around this by making
ranks part of the equation, but it didn't quite do the thing. From now on,
spiritual leaders are chosen based on affinity with an emphasis that comes
from guild levels. This way the guild is best served with spiritual leaders
who serve the guild, whatever their rank may be.

For this I had to do a technical implementation which required some value
reseting so some values may seem bizarre for a while before data is
collected back, but this will fix itself eventually.


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