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BatMUD Forums > Guilds.barbarian > 100k+ barbrep ideas

14 Jan 2024 00:17

I guess most people that stick around in this guild have "maxed" the
rep and surpassed the 100k by now, and even if you're quite new and stick
around, it won't take long.

First off - I think this rep system is a-ok. It's not the most sophisticated
but it does what it's supposed to - with repgain you get access to quests etc,
bways maxing out at 50k and the final bonus of being able to use your amulet
when burning at 100k, it's ok.

But I tried to come up with a few things that could be added at the later
stages (ie 100k+);

- fewer eps used for burning
- higher chance of getting "crit" enrage/frenzy
- occasional short temporary statboosts
- burning doesn't interrupt skillusage
- extra +dam or +hit to amulet
- being able to lure a mob more than once

These are just a few ideas from the top of my head, and they of course
shouldn't occur every at every 10k rep above 100, but maybe 25-50k rep in
between or so.

Flame away :)

-Vishnu (which comes out as 'fishpoo' if you say it really fast several times
according to a Deathseeker, who isn't on drugs.. he says...)

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