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26 May 2019 16:06
Many of you already realized that the previous inform post contained a small
puzzle and some of you even managed to resolve it to reveal information
about BatMUD's 30th anniversary party.

Last night around the campcon campfire in Clay City, Indiana we announced
the following:

- BatMUD will celebrate its 30th anniversary party during the weekend
of 17-19 April 2020, culminating with the official 30th anniversary
gala on Sat April 18th 2020 at Kaivohuone, Helsinki.

- While we hope that as many as possible can attend the festivities in
Finland, we understand that it may not be logistically feasible for
everybody. We are thus planning a second celebratory event in the
United States for 2020 - possibly in Las Vegas. More details on this
will be announced at a later stage.

- You can (and should if you have the possibility) attend both events!

More details and official signups etc for these events will follow in
due time, but you can block the dates in your calendars already now.

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