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29 Sep 2019 18:03
The very bestest of falls to everyone, mortals, wizards and people included.

This is a short update on the status of the arrangements, dates and
practicalities of the 30th Anniversary Gala, held in Helsinki, Finland on
April 18th, 2020.


The venue has been confirmed and is the same one as before - Kaivohuone, in
downtown Helsinki. The date has also been confirmed as 18th April 2020.


This event is provided free of charge to you by Balanced Alternative
Techniques ry.


The doors will open 20:00 at latest, but possibly already at 19:00. The party
will end at 03:00. The schedules may change slightly as the event approaches,
but not in any major way.


As before, the gala is a more refined occasion, and we are suggesting
informal/semi-formal attire. Nobody will be turned away for wearing ie. smart
casual, but please be reminded that most of the guests will consider this a
'black tie' occasion.


Just as before, Tigger has boun-boun-bounced to Arelium church and is
accepting sign ups. Looking at Tigger will tell you what to do (yeah, yeah,
'annicon sign').


You are allowed to bring an avec, should you so choose. You indicate this by
'annicon avec' after you have signed up. Please note that should we run out of
slots (there is a hard limit imposed by the venue), the right to add an avec
is the first one to be suspended. This is perhaps not too likely a scenario,
but possible nonetheless. Avecs declared prior to such an unlikely scenario
will not be denied access.


We will have a buffet at the venue, and some complimentary drinks on the
house. Details will be revealed closed to the event. Please note that it will
NOT be an open bar, however.


Yes, of course. It's an archwiz sikrit, though.


There are several hotels nearby the venue. The most inexpensive one (three
stars, also has 4 person, 2 bedroom rooms for a rather reasonable price) is
Hotel Anna ( Using the reservation code 'Annankatu1' will
give you a slight additional discount.

There will be another recommendation as soon as we receive replies from the
nearby hotels if you prefer a four star hotel instead. If you prefer a five
star hotel we trust you are quite capable of handling that all by yourself ;)


Balanced Alternative Techniques ry will not be organizing pre- or
..however! We are now invoking a real life QUEST of 'Who has the best
PREPARTY' and 'Who has the best AFTERPARTY'. Picture material from the
aforementioned can be delivered to our photo gallery and there may even be
prizes for the organizers of best parties. We encourage people to invite other
mudders whenever possible, as well, as there may be several guests who don't
know anyone from the Helsinki area.


Can be asked from Ulath, Gore, or basically anyone who's on the board (so
that's Darol, Amarth, Juggelo and Zin, additionally).

Another similar update will be posted in three months, that is, about three
months before the actual event.

We welcome everyone to celebrate our three-decade journey.

On behalf of Balanced Alternative Techniques ry,

A r c h w i z a r d
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