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20 Oct 2019 19:07
"Believe, believe that life can change, that you're not stuck in vain.
We're not the same, we're different, tonight, tonight..."

Sorry. Couldn't help myself.

The Halloween 2019 is up and running. Here are the steps:
1) Go to the newbie graveyard and light the jack-o-lantern to get the event
running. Lit jack-o-lanterns are spread around the five continents, tossed
into random areas. Smashing the pumpkins gives safe XP and some cooking

2) Smash enough, and that continent's portal opens. Each portal leads to an
area with that continent's boss.

Laenor has the newbie boss.

Lucentium, Desolathya and Rothikgen have midbie bosses.

Furnachia has the highbie boss, and is the ONLY one that lets you go in a
party. The rest are all solo.

Each portal has a limited number of uses, namely, three, so watch your step.
Leave or die enough times, and you're done with that portal for the day. Bring
whatever prots and healing you need to ensure survival.

3) Collect tickets from the bosses and bring them back to the graveyard to buy
the prizes you want the most. The event is open for two weeks, so that's a max
of 14 tickets of each colour. Plan ahead.

4) You'll also notice the bosses drop random weapons, armour and clothing with
pumpkin icons. Use, donate or sac them, as they are NOT owner-only items, but
they are named like any other eq.

5) Weapons and armour purchased from the event temporarily have the "pumpkin
shell" bonus. Out of combat, you slowly generate a special shield that eats
the first bit of damage you take from any source. No individual item adds a
lot, but it stacks. Also, those random weapons, clothing and armour that have
pumpkin items extend the shield (but don't create one themselves).

In theory, you _technically_ could stack enough pumpkin shell eq to absorb
quite a lot of damage, but the mixmatch of stats and slots make this a
questionable move.

The "pumpkin shell" bonus of the items will stop working after six months. The
item's normal stats will continue for the lifespan of the item.

6) Share information and strategies. Because the bosses are instanced, this
isn't a competition. Cooking recipes, for example, will work whether you're
physically holding the piece of paper or not.

As always, report bugs and suggestions directly to me, preferably by direct
tell. Enjoy, and Happy Halloween!

Shinarae "I don't like Mayonaise" Lluminus

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