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14 Nov 2019 20:24
Sailors at the Shadowkeep annex reported a small number of green-sailed ships
of clearly foreign make heading for the port. Suddenly, they changed direction
at the last second and vanished. Shortly thereafter, smoke started rising from
the mountains nearby.

The third (and final) continent newbie, midbie and highbie quests are now open
for testing. A lot of the syntax is the same for the sake of consistency. As
previously noted, these three groups don't like each other very much, so doing
quests for one reduces Favor for the others. However, doing all three quests
is still a net gain of Favor for all three groups. Alternatively, you could
"chest" your Favor with certificates or other prizes, because you can't lose
Favor if you don't have any left.

UHB quests are next on the agenda, once these guys are working smoothly.

Shinarae "reptiphie" Lluminus

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