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30 Dec 2019 11:34
The second part of the changes should now be in place, and come reboot, in
effect. There might still be some bugs around, but quick test run showed
everything completeable. I trust you'll find some odd errors with your typos
and stuff, so, please report them to me.

Following existing skills were added to monk guild's trainable repertoire:

First aid -- when acupuncture fails
Skulking -- sneaky little monkses are now really sneaky

And some new skills are also introduced:

Iron body -- harden your body against blows, and gain information
Light steps -- step as lightly as a touch of a feather
Pattern weave -- confuse your opponents, can be combined with a kiai
Primal adept -- for those sprite monks

Reading the help files might be helpful.

The monk guild area was extended a fair bit. No explore, though.

There is a new chain of quests for monks, starting in the new area. Just talk
to the old monk sensei in there. The quests will unlock some new options.

I'll let you find out the details on your own, in time.

Almost forgot: monks now gain a bonus to dodge skill while unarmed.

++ Heidel

P.S. Thanks to the whole Saato+ society for ideas and stuff

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