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BatMUD Forums > Guilds.monk > alternative to +dodge buff while unarmed

16 Jan 2020 11:37
I highly appreciate the love the monks have been getting recently. In
particular the ones which give bonuses only when unarmed are both thematic and
nicely monk-specific balance-wise.
However, the current +20 dodge which makes our naked dodge 100 turns other
+dodge stuff already in game kind of bad (as having dodge 100+ and otherwise
not that good def capabilities is not optimal). Namely the stuff I'm talking
about is mainly a) +10 dodge from animists (most of the higher level monks
seem to be animists anyway) and b) many cool light/low coverage +dodge eq,
which would thematicly be great.
An easy alternative to +dodge buff would be to make it +avoid instead. (A
wilder option would be to make unarmed parry work sometimes even with 'parry
0', automatically or via a new skill similar to swift defence. Perhaps that
would even make me train unarmed parry a bit more.)

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