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04 Jan 2020 21:30
Gadgeteer Rixx Returns! Rixx has spent the last 5 years researching
the very essence of magical equipment, and has found it to be made
up of zini-chlorians! uh, err, zinium! After many sleepless nights,
Rixx has completed his masterpiece, the Rixx Recycling Robot! which
sits firmly at the crossing south of arelium (SC). From January 6
until April 15, any player who helps Rixx's research into zinium
will be awarded with special runes and the ability to produce custom
Rixx-Tec armor!

For more information about the recycling drive, tell rixx 'recycle info'.

During the recycling drive, Rixx is also monitoring the batverse to
discover the essence of experience points. All slain monsters are
detected by Rixx's exp-meter-o-matic, processed, refined and distributed
as Rixxperience points (rXP), From January 6 until April 15, any player
who generates rXP will be awarded a special ring according to their
total accumulated rXP points.

For more information about the race event, tell rixx 'race info'.

ps: Both events are likely to re-occur periodically. So no need to worry,
if you miss out on this one, you will have your chance again.


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