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25 Oct 2020 19:43
There is a rumbling from the Pantheon.

Chaos is change, and as the centuries have passed, the forces of Chaos have
changed with it. Some Gods faded, others rose. But as change ripples through
the forces of darkness, those who were lost seek to be remembered.

The Ones From Before have returned.

Event info:
1) The event begins each day with minions. Minions are monsters spread almost
anywhere around the game, but they are only revealed in combat. The very
strongest and very weakest monsters cannot be minions, and neither can some
city monsters (not that you guys are murdering shopkeepers anyhow), but most
other monsters are possible. The only realistic way to find them is to just
get out there and start killing monsters.

Minions of chaos will have barrels with them that you'll need. These are
nosave items.

2) After enough minions have been revealed on any one continent, that
continent's boss will spawn. These bosses are dangerous, and only the
strongest combat-based players should face them. Lower-level or noncombat
players can still contribute, however. Each boss is near a trebuchet that
launches those barrels, and if they hit, will lower the boss's self-healing
chaos shields.

3) Players who fight the boss, and players who help fire the trebuchet, will
get credit for completing the event. The rewards range from chocolates to cash
to special event eq that, like mosts, lasts for one year.

4) If you don't like the eq you get, that's okay, a lot of it is pretty
random. The rewards you get from the event, including the eq and the special
"chaos bits" coins, can be taken to the candy shop and exchanged for other
items. It will take multiple boss kills to make an exchange, so plan ahead and
decide what you want. Chaos bits can be freely traded, but you can only
exchange eq you personally got from a boss kill.

The event will run at least through Sunday, Nov 1. During this week, minions
will start appearing 3 hours after reboot, and bosses 8 hours after reboot,
because with my work schedule that's when I'll be available to monitor the
event. By the weekend, I should be able to remove that restriction.

This event is based on player cooperation. The more players participate, the
faster the minions and/or bosses will spawn, and the faster the boss will
drop. The best way to fight randomness is order, after all.

Shinarae Lluminus

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