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15 Mar 2020 23:31
The 100-day Winter Daily Quest Campaign has reached its conclusion.

The results for the Campaign are as follows:

Top-3 for the 'Highbie'-category:

1. Pirutar, with 282 points
2. Miksa, with 276 points
3. Hair, with 274 points

Top-3 for the 'Midbie'-category:

1. Grushnak, with 282 points
2. Erasmus, with 252 points
3. Arafon, with 58 points

Top-3 for the 'Newbie'-category:

1. Anks, with 253 points
2. Astridr, with 48 points
3. Benzo, with 20 points

The winner for each category is awarded a background free reincarnation.
The second and third place are awarded a reincarnation with a random race, and
two random backgrounds.

These reincarnations are free of cost.

The caveat is that you are unable to gain youth during the incarnation.

These awards are non-transferable. Contact me to claim your prize.

Thank you for participation, and let this success pave way for upcoming
seasonal challenges.


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