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04 Feb 2021 00:10
The reaver channel has already hard my angry karen-esque rant, but I will post
my annoyance here, and do so more eloquently. I hate the word 'fair', but I
will use it for lack of a better one. It is not fair that a player should be
punished if he/she cannot play every day. When I was in college, I had time
to spend hours on end playing, but now at 40 I cannot do so.

I know reavers is not a 'casual' guild. I know that is the only response to
any and all gripes about the guild rep. I understand that, as it is
currently, it is not designed to be enjoyed by players who cannot consistently
play with little to no interruptions. What I do not understand is what
purpose punishing someone who likes to pop in for a bit here and there. There
is no logical reason I can think of to make a guild off-limits (effectively)
unless you play all the time. Do not want idle players in your guild for some
reason? Make it invite only. Allow moderators to grant access only to those
who prove they are willing to play daily, and kick/ban/force reinc players
that go inactive if it helps. I enjoy the guild. I find every other guild,
save for kharim, boring. Before you say "bans for not playing is the same
thing, or harsher, than rep penalty, it is not. There are races that are (or
were) invite only. I never bothered to care about those races.

I knew the risks coming in. The rant here is that 10%+ penalty to your rep is
too harsh for less than a week between log ins. Even more so, 10%+ energy is
ridiculous for missing two days after unfreezing energy. Sometimes I don't
get to play my xbox for a while. I cannot imagine what would happen if people
logged in after a week and found half their games deleted. I suppose they
could just not play those games, maybe only play games that won't get deleted,
even if they are less fun. I see no difference between the two. The penalty
is too harsh and completely unecessary. Limiting choices based on time
availability is wrong.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.


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