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12 Mar 2021 15:14

Some time ago, which hosted Jeskko and I's GMapNG map thingy, and
various Mercurial repositories for our BatMUD related projects suffered a
catastrophic hard drive failure and all the data there is now considered lost.

While this is regrettable, nothing of value was truly lost, as almost all of
the repositories etc. were also cloned elsewhere. Due to this incident,
however, I have taken the opportunity to move all the Mercurial repositories
previously hosted on to my own server on ( ). This includes GgrTF repository etc.

Jeskko is currently working on getting the GMap site back up, which will be
hosted on as previously.

I have no exact timetable to give, but it might be up as soon as this weekend.

We apologize for any inconvenience and the rather long interruption on the

Ggr "backups!" Pupunen

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