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BatMUD Forums > Guilds.alchemists > Mint Coins review, addendum

09 Apr 2021 20:58

1. The posted coin limit is based on your mint coins skill. Law
allows you to go past it, up to potentially double.

2. Players with no mint coins skill nor law still have a posted
limit of 2,880 coins per type.

3. This means that a merchant with 100 law but no mint coins skill
has a real limit of 5,760 gold per type, per cycle.

4. While This potentially allows for a wide market for blanks,
marketing "coin packages" to non-merchant, non-alches at such a low
limit (just under 15k gold for the gold+ cointypes) presumably
charging 7,500 gold for one) doesn't seem like it would get interest
from others.

5. It also doesn't seem to justify a merchant training 100 law so
that they could turn in double this - at 90% skillcost, training law
to 100 costs 2,070,295 xp.

6. As such, mint coins as it now stands is only viable for a single
character that has both 100 mint coins *and* 100 law, which means
they are a merchant-alchemist. I believe this is fine, and that
this fact should be kept in mind in considering the balance of the

7. As to fine-tuning, I would recommend making the posted limit
10,000 gold at 100 mint coins skill, and zeroing it for anyone that
doesn't have mint coins and doubling it to 20,000 at 100 law.

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