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27 Jun 2021 01:00
As the Triad of Darkness celebrates the Day of Malignance and a
period of Jubilation, it is fair to say that the Old Religion is
dead. But while people perish and are buried, religion doesn't
die nor is it forgotten. It adapts and changes its shape. Now led
by the modernists, the Church of Darkness has taken a new form
and continues to fight against the Light. Meanwhile it seems that
the new religion has opened its gates to new recruits and is
strengthening its position in the southern parts of Laenor where it
has established its base.

Triad of Darkness is a new guild that takes the place of Evil Priests and
is a strongly story-driven guild that offers little bit more activities
than the old Evil Priests guild. It should be suitable for anyone who
likes exploring and quests. It can be played by high-level players and even
new players, but it may not be the most optimal choice to begin with and
thus bears some similarity to many other caster guilds. Most "Evil Priest"
content is still there for you to use, but there are also some other things
to experiment with. However, the guild offers a bit more content and cannot
be said to be completely easy to learn in terms of complexity.

During the Alphatesting players have received this page (which probably will
be removed at some point in the future): and
while the Instructions page is NOT valid anymore, the "About Guild"
and "Preparations" page may interest you. However, your main source of
information should probably be the people who have already been in the
guild during Alphatesting. They can help you or make you feel stupid
whichever you feel is more like your cup of tea.

In other words, The Triad of Darkness has finished its restricted
Alpha-testing period and now enters the scheduled Beta-testing, which
means the following:

- There are no Alphatesters now. Anyone who participated in Alphatesting
can continue in the guild or reincarnate out of the guild freely with
no permissions needed. No free reincarnations are provided for
previous alphatesters.

- The old guild of Evil Priests will no longer accept new members. The
guild will be phased out eventually. If you are member of Evil Priests,
you will eventually be forced a reincarnation, but this may be still
months to come. If you wish to play the old guild of Evil Priests, you
can freely do so until you find yourself reincarnated. If you are
currently an Evil Priest with any free levels, you may not join Triad
of Darkness.

- Anyone can become a beta-tester. You simply join the guild at the
guild location. Becoming a beta-tester has no other benefits besides
the permission to join the guild. Whether even that can be counted
as a benefit seems to be a heated conversation topic.

- You may treat the guild as any other guild. During Alphatesting there
were some restrictions for reinc combinations, but now you can use
Triad of Darkness however you want.

- The Alphatesting primarily focused on getting the guild to work
technically and the guild is still not optimally balanced. Changes
are expected, but no clear timetable will be provided for tunes or

- When joining, you will be asked to agree to a disclaimer so that you
understand that this guild is officially considered to be in testing
and therefore is not a fully operational guild yet. During Alphatesting
the guild has reached a moderately well-functioning state that
restricted guild joining is no longer needed. However, there are still
some bugs that will eventually be fixed and there is balancing that needs
to be done and some features may not be in their final form and even
radical uptunes, downtunes and feature revision may happen. If such things
upset you easily, this guild may not be for you.

- As with any content, you are of expected to report the bugs you encounter.

So, thus concludes the wall of text. I apologize I don't have a video to go
with this or any adventures involving Kizarwexius, but it has taken some
very long two weeks to put all these things together, so it feels nice to
have some closure (even though it's not really closure because the beta
testing still continues), but let me celebrate this for a second and to all
of you who are still new to the Triad of Darkness, I wish you a warm welcome
to the Mosaic era.

-- Darol Dawnlight, the Patriarch of the Triad of Darkness.
On the 8th of Ysaril on the Day of Malignance, 938 as
recorded by the scholars of the congregation.

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