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26 Aug 2022 02:11
Maxxed-out channellers may now join the merchant and alchemists guilds.


Well, the idea of a magical crafting build is long overdue. It's also worth
noting that there's a fair amount in both merchant and alchemists that's
stat-dependant, and a magical background player will have different results.
Channumerchants should see better prot and fw durations, for example.
Alchemists who make blasting potions will find they work better with higher
int/wis when brewed, which the background gives for free. They might also find
getting the materials the need for potionmaking easier.

Honestly, the idea seemed harmless enough (it's not like we're doing
Channubards II: This Time It's Anti-Personel) and, if it works, adds options
for later use.

This change is temporary/in testing. If there aren't any major negative
issues, it'll just be allowed to remain permanent. Who knows, maybe some of
you looking for a new and different reinc might give it a try.

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