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07 Nov 2022 15:02
With the elementals no longer spawning, the results are in -- surprising
probably nobody, the result is a tie between the Efiilas and the Syggax. They
both beat the Feldspar by a vast gulf, but came within 1% of each other.

In the next few days, I should have all three factions' prizes available for
purchase. If you have any remaining small embers, you will be able to turn
them in for a few more points. Also, I'll set up the special set of Furnachia
daily tasks for both factions, which you will pick up and return from the Lost
Vale (as several of the tasks will be centered on that area).

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves participating. Who knows, maybe something
like this will happen in a future April/October.

Shinarae "smoldering" Lluminus

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