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Centaur race guild | Guilds & Backgrounds

The Riders of the Storm (centaur)
Command: storm_riders
Creators: Shardik
Max Level: 5

The private guild of the centaurs is a simple thing; a loose organization that doesn't bind anyone too much. Some skills are taught, of course. Young centaurs may find these useful, if they pay attention to the lessons instead of daydreaming about unicorn chicks.

Level 1

Available: Receive bonuses as you advance
May train Swim to 20.
May train Hunting to 20.
May train Fishing to 20.
May train Attack to 5.
May train Polearms to 5.
Level 2

Available: May train Swim to 40.
May train Hunting to 40.
May train Fishing to 40.
May train Attack to 11.
May train Polearms to 8.
Level 3

Available: May train Swim to 60.
May train Hunting to 60.
May train Fishing to 60.
May train Attack to 17.
May train Polearms to 12.
Level 4

Available: May train Attack to 23.
May train Polearms to 16.
Level 5

Available: May train Attack to 30.
May train Polearms to 20.
May train Warhorse philosophy to 5.