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You stand upon a shore, where lush, populated plains and forests surround the vicinity. Now as an exile, relying on the gratitude and hospitability of the inhabitants of this new land, Laenor some call it, you must find your place within the Realm once again.

As the bards had been singing their continuous, rejuvenating ballads, profound relief had spread within the travellers upon the sighting of land. Many had instantly claimed it was the bardic knowledge and art that finally led you to safety; the old and wise said it was the spirit of Aarugotti that did..

The Continent of Rothikgen

Rothikgen is a semi-continent, a mixture of highlands with flowing river and sea areas conjured together within an enshrouding area of tundra. Its inhabitants include humans (and the Keep of Shadows)...

The Continent of Laenor

Laenor is a temperate landmass with a fairly hospitable population. The terrain of Laenor is a mixture of woods, plains and hills with a few smallish mountain ranges. There are some small swampy areas in the northeastern part of the realm, but for most purposes...

The Continent of Desolathya

A temperate, highlands-dominated continent. Aeons ago, the continent nowadays known as Desolathya was called Ir'idie by its inhabitants. Ir'idie was home to one of the earliest kingdoms of men. Men were not the first...

The Continent of Furnachia

Not much is known about the continent that most people call Furnachia, even though the indigenous peoples of the region have many names for the land. The large island is feral and wild, perilous to travellers. Unknown creatures walk on its scarred...

The Continent of Lucentium

Lucentium consists not only of the main island, but also the archipelago of Azury, a group of volcanic isles. The continent of Lucentium lies in the warm embrace of the Southern Border Seas, far away from the coldness of winter. The continent derives its name from its largest island, Lucentia.