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Information on Laenor

Laenor is a temperate landmass with a mild climate and reasonable fertile ground, but a significant part of it is covered by water. The realm centres around a large gulf - the Gulf of Apalocia - around which trade and fishing flourishes.

The name Laenor is a tribute to the Goddess Laesa, who the exiles (players that saw the end of the old world) felt a need to please after their former home was destroyed by storms and thunderous waves. Other factions and civilizations have different names for the land.

Laenor is roughly divided into three nations. The northern part of Laenor is governed by elves under the rule of Lady Rehnais. The southern part is administered mainly by humans, under the leadership of King Julius Agathon. In the center is a land that for centuries has been claimed by the Bronzebrim dwarves, but during the past decades the dwarven clan has retracted ever further into their underground kingdom, leaving the countryside rich with marauding groups of various ethnicity.

While the relationship between the three nations has been warm for hundreds of years, Lady Rehnais and King Agathon are increasingly worried about the state of affairs in the dwarven kingdom.


The terrain of Laenor is a mixture of woods, plains and hills with a few smallish mountain ranges. There are some small swampy areas in the northeastern part of the realm, but for most purposes the terrain of Laenor is very friendly and easily accessible, with the exception of the dense forest in the north - home of the elves.

A fairly well developed road network connects the major cities and towns of Laenor, but travel through the dwarven kingdom has become increasingly dangerous as the Bronzebrim dwarves no longer actively patrol the countryside.

Major factions

The three major factions with the biggest political control of the realm are the Taniul elves under Lady Rehnais' rule, The kingdom of Agathoria under King Agathon and the kingdom of Dun Banor led by King Morain Bronzebrim.

Clan Blackbone, a large Orcish clan, has also managed to get a foothold on Laenor. Their main base is located in Dun Banor, but several outposts have also been formed on elven and human lands, leading to severe tensions between the populations.

Along the northern shores of Laenor, there are several tiny villages with a significant amount of humans from the northern lands (roughly resemble our Vikings) - their faction is Northrend Marauders.

In addition, there are several smaller factions operating within the nations. For example, King Agathon has granted autonomous status to several duchies - some which no longer are totally obedient or sympathetic towards their liege.

Important locations

Capital cities

Taniular - The capital city of the Taniul elves. Located deep within the almost impenetrable forest or Northern Laenor, the city serves as the stronghold for the elven presence in Laenor. A place of intense magic and much secrecy, Lady Rehnais - a highpriestess of the Loraen - governs from her wooden palace. Outsides, though few in numbers, are treated in a friendly manner, but underneath a deep suspicion to the motives may linger.

Arelium - The capital of the human kingdom of Agathoria is located in all its glory at the shore of the Gulf of Apalocia. The city is a bustling haven for commerce and a mixture of various ethnicities. As such, outsiders are not treated with any kind of ethnic stigma, but they are expected to honor the laws of Agathoria which are vigorously enforced. The large part of Arelium consists of Arelium Hold, a massive castle which serves as the bastion of power for King Agathon. In the aftermath of the destruction of the old world, Arelium serves as the new home for the functions of old Bat City, including the emissary's of the exiles.

Tyr Farwyn - The seat of power of King Morain Bronzebrim has been carved during thousands of years into the mountain ranges of middle Laenor. With the exception of a few dwarves, nobody is really aware how deep the tunnels and caverns extend. While the dwarves are inherently friendly towards most races, as of late the city has been sealed off from outsiders and only by government invitation are visitors permitted to enter. Weary travellers will however, be given a chance to rest in the inns in the outern section of Tyr Farwyn.

Other major towns and outposts

Daerwon - Daerwon is the elven connection to the rest of the realm. Located along the gulf of Apalocia, the town of Daerwon is much more accessible than the capital Taniular. As such, the residents of Daerwon are more used to visitors and are generally more trusting. Daerwon has a large harbor that is often bustling with activity.

Pleasantville - The town of Pleasantville in the southwestern part of Laenor, is the hospitable starting location for new players. Originally called Sanctium.

Daerwyn Keep - Located close to Daerwon, the Daerwyn Keep is a military outpost situated on the islands at the entrance to the gulf of Apalocia. The keep is operated jointly by the elves and humans to protect the strategically and financially important gulf. The keep has a massive harbor with a large amount of military vessels, and also serves as the primary harbor for the brave adventurers who chose to sail to western continents.

Blackbone citadel - The Blackbone citadel is the new home of the Blackbone clan. The clan was driven away from their original home on an eastern continent, after losing a war to rivaling orcish clans. Despite the general peacefulness of Laenor, the aggressive behaviour (and expansion) of the Blackbone clan, has caused them to be at odds with the other civilizations - though as of yet, a full out war has been avoided.